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Over the last 14 years, women have played integral roles in connecting people and businesses to meaningful innovation at Softcom.

As an emerging company in Africa looking to find answers to some of our biggest problems – exclusion in particular –, this has led us to our life purpose of delivering “inclusive human growth” to society through our products and programs.

We believe in a future where everyone has fair access to intuitive solutions that enable them to grow regardless of their economic status, race, tribe, gender and religion.

As the world opens up, the exclusion of women and movement for gender equality has taken the center-stage in conversations globally. This is also a prominent reality for women in Africa, especially with the existing culture of celebrating struggles and seeking solutions seems like a betrayal of societal norms.

To include also means to give access”.
At Softcom, we aim to reflect our purpose in our organizational structure, culture, and in the solutions, we are about to release to the world. This begins with ensuring that we embody the future we want to see by maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. It also includes creating equal opportunity for any woman to not only gain employment but also grow into leadership within the company.

Currently, we have achieved 50% women leadership, with women occupying 10 out of the 20 senior leadership positions in the organization. Each day, women in Softcom are working across various divisions; making their contribution through their creativity, innovation, and diverse skills.

We need to trigger the potential of the growing African girls through proper representation and stories like this. It is critical for developing confidence, leadership, aspiration, and other attributes that help them learn, grow, and make meaningful impacts on the world around them.

As we celebrate strides of women yearly, we back it with deliberate actions towards ensuring our work environment is healthy both physically and mentally.

The women in Softcom have created a way to connect and empower each other. They launched the community called Women of Softcom two years ago and the initiative has driven change within our organization and we are looking to expose this type of impact into our society where women support other women.

Read from some of our women and how they are consciously making it work at Softcom;

Karika Yonreme
VP programs, Softcom

As Vice President, Programs, my work involves building and managing socio-economic programs to solve societal problems and ensure inclusive human growth for the everyday African. The work I do is exciting because it aligns with my core beliefs that “Every human is uniquely resourced, and should be encouraged to explore their potentials.”

Currently, all our thoughts and brainstorming have birthed LIFT – a Softcom initiative that means Learn. Improve. Focus. Transform. A platform that enables SMEs to attain business growth by giving them access to knowledge, capital, and coaching.

Through LIFT, we are LIFTing businesses and pivoting them to their next levels.
I can’t wait to live in a society where people have equitable access to growth tools such as Mindset, knowledge, capital, data, and no limits to how far they can grow.

Damilola Majekodunmi
Interface Developer, Softcom

As an Interface Developer, I transform beautiful designs into responsive, user-friendly, and highly functional web templates. The work I do at Softcom is very significant and far-reaching. Far-reaching because it’s the first point of contact with users when they access any of our products. It creates a first impression – which has to be good.

I envision an Africa powered by Softcom and its products; where a large percentage of Africans, regardless of their social standing, background, age, or gender, will have access to solutions that not only make life easier for them but adds value as well.

Joyce Odemena
Lead Engineering at Eyowo

I currently Lead Engineering at Eyowo, a digital bank that allows you to carry out any financial transaction with your telephone number. My day-to-day work mostly revolves around writing codes to build features, squash bugs, or optimize and stabilize the Eyowo systems.

Also, aligning with and organizing the Engineering team with regards to the product, and interfacing with support, finance, admin, and other third parties.
I would say my work at Softcom/Eyowo is impactful, with all the times people use Eyowo and it solves their problems.

No matter who you are, how much money you have in your bank account (physical or digital), or where you’re from, you should get resources to train your mind, grow your money, and ultimately not be limited by your environment.

Odulu Amos
Marketing Manager, Softcom

Working in Softcom for 5 years has been a journey of passion, experience, and growth. I discovered my potential. I saw myself being challenged to accomplish things, set higher standards, and think differently.

I am proud to be part of Softcom’s story which is about delivering “inclusive human growth” to society. A society where no one is left behind.

Currently working as a Manager in the Marketing Department, I am excited that it’s time to tell Softcom’s story. I see it as my story too because I fully understand what drives the emergence of our new purpose as a company.

As women, it’s time to be deliberate in holding on to our power of choice; to choose when and what happens in our lives. Nothing is unachievable and I intend to spread this belief to others in ways that I can.

Oreoluwa Sofola
Creative Director, Softcom

I fell in love with the art of humanizing the work we do in technology through storytelling. Africans are currently reshaping the tech environment and we need to make sure that the stories of our impact are told.

We want to be able to connect and form humanistic relationships with our audiences and storytelling is one of such avenues where we get to do that. This is where I come in as the Creative Director of Softcom, I ensure that Softcom’s storytelling strategies and content align with the ethos of the company and our ideology.

One of the coolest things about working in Softcom is being part of a team of truly brilliant people who want to solve the issues of access and inclusion because the wealth that resides within our potentials as Africans would truly be unlocked once we stop shutting the doors of opportunity to our people and provide an avenue to ensure everyone is catered for and given access.

Yvonne Ige
Vice President – Business Development

Having worked in different industries such as banking and Oil & Gas, I have always seen technology as an enabler in promoting innovation and business opportunities.

I am truly inspired by the solutions and products Softcom is bringing to change people’s lives. It is very fulfilling and interesting.

At Softcom, I am responsible for creating and implementing the overall product marketing strategy for promoting Softcom’s products. I work closely with the Product team in ensuring that our offerings are the right fit for the market.
Every African should be allowed to thrive, be heard, and be seen. Access and inclusion to me will mean that anyone regardless of who they are can start and grow their skills and businesses.

In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we have chosen to spotlight some of our women, who in unique ways have pushed boundaries, helped others to harness their potential, and risen in their careers at Softcom. To read, visit the Women of Softcom website.

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