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Vanessa Gounden just released the Holiday Edit IT-Girls will be Coveting this Season!



This season, famed South African designer Vanessa Gounden marks the 10th year anniversary of her eponymous brand Vanessa Gounden is a new collection. Featuring the designer’s styles signature statement-making prints – this collection is made for your next vacation.

The campaign features top South African influencers Kefilwe Mabote, Sarah Langa and Lauren Campbell rocking the super gorgeous kaftans named after each of them. “Daring, luxurious and boldly feminine” is how the designer describes the pieces.

This collection is a limited-edition trio of kaftans. The prints and silhouettes taken from the brand’s archives and reinterpreted by Vanessa, portraying the eternal creativity and relevance of the design.

Born and raised in the era of apartheid in South Africa, Vanessa’s early upbringing and experiences in the townships made her determined to break through the glass ceiling. Her ebullient spirit, passion for social issues, love of art and innate creativity has all drawn Vanessa to the world of fashion. She decided to expand her business portfolio and take her passion a step further by setting up her eponymous fashion label, Vanessa Gounden, in 2011.

It is unsurprising then that her signature prints are conceptual and challenging, with each print serving as an elaborate canvas to create awareness of social and political issues

See more photos below.

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Credits: @vanessa_gounden


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