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Malala Covers British Vogue’s July Issue | Read the Exclusive Interview



On the cover of British Vogue’s July issue is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner in history, Malala.

For almost 13 years, ever since she began campaigning for girls’ rights in Pakistan as an 11-year-old, this has been Malala’s message to the world.

Read excerpts from the interview, centred on “The Extraordinary Life Of Malala”:

On where she sees herself in 10 years’ time:

This is a question I have for myself every night. Lying awake in bed for hours thinking, ‘What am I going to do next? Where do I live next? Should I continue to live in the UK, or should I move to Pakistan, or another country?

The second question is, who should I be living with? Should I live on my own? Should I live with my parents? I’m currently with my parents, and my parents love me, and Asian parents especially, they want their kids to be with them forever.

About her headscarf:

I wear it more when I’m outside and in public. At home, it’s fine. If I’m with friends, it’s fine. It’s a cultural symbol for us Pashtuns, so it represents where I come from. And Muslim girls or Pashtun girls or Pakistani girls, when we follow our traditional dress, we’re considered to be oppressed, or voiceless, or living under patriarchy.

I want to tell everyone that you can have your own voice within your culture, and you can have equality in your culture.

On her forthcoming programmes:

I want these shows to be entertaining and the sort of thing I would watch. If I don’t laugh at them or enjoy them, I won’t put them on-screen

Describing Malala, Apple CEO Tim Cook says,

I don’t think there’s anyone quite like her. She’s an original. She has a lifetime of experience in 23 years,” says Cook. “She has the story of her life, all of her accomplishments, and she’s focused on making a difference in the world.

She has a North Star, which always impresses me about people. And despite all of this success, she’s humble and really down to earth and just a joy to spend time with. She’s amazing.

Read the complete article on Vogue.

Photo Credit: Vogue.

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