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#BNxBBNaija6: A Summary of Week 4 in the Big Brother House | KayVee’s Exit + Maria’s Eviction Prank

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Week 4 in the Big Brother Naija House was an emotional roller coaster. From KayVee‘s unexpected exit and the many confrontations to Maria‘s eviction prank on the housemates and the heightened emotions that followed, here’s a rundown of all that went down.

Day 23: Kayvee’s BBNaija journey ends

Kayvee exits Big Brother Naija.

Breaking News: Kayvee's BBNaija journey ends

The announcement of Kayvee’s departure was made to all the Housemates in a statement released by Big Brother and read aloud by the Head of House, Pere. The remaining Housemates were asked to pack his bags and other personal belongings and move them into the storeroom.

While there was evident surprise at the announcement, and some tears from some of the Housemates, like JMK and Saskay, the end of the announcement was punctuated by cheers of, “We love you, Kayvee!!”

To make it even more valid, she was asked to tell them that she will develop a grading system to score them. A writing pad and pen was provided in order to help her sell this story and it was to be used only for the intended purpose.

She had the freedom to build on this ruse as she desires. However, she must not turn them into slaves. It was paramount that the house believed this lie as success will bring her a great reward, while failure will come with consequences.

Oscar-worthy performance

Maria walked back to the lounge in tears as she broke the news to the rest of the Housemates that she had to put up two of them for Eviction. Moved by her tears, the Housemates huddled around her comforting her as she explained how daunting the task was. Her tears were quite believable as Housemates were overheard talking about how much pressure she was under.

1629145690 56 screenshot 2021 08 16 at 21.19.52

The Housemates quickly adjusted to this news. Some announced that they would start packing their bags as they didn’t know what their fate would be this Sunday. Peace, Michael and Jackie B also had a conversation about it but they seemed to think there was a likelihood of a fake Eviction or another twist come Sunday.

1629145487 56 screenshot 2021 08 16 at 22.13.04

Maria was not new to selling lies to the Housemates. She successfully threw them off her scent while they were on the hunt for the Wildcard and judging by how she started this Task, she was on course for another victorious mission.

Day 24: Saga’s bidding for reconciliation

A road to reconciliation for Pere and Whitemoney. In the early hours of the morning, Pere and Whitemoney descended into a heated disagreement, eclipsing all the fun games the Housemates got up to throughout the night.

Day 24: Saga’s bidding for reconciliation – BBNaija

During their cleaning session, Whitemoney took Saga aside to chat about the incident indicating that he didn’t understand why there is tension between him and Pere.

He relayed his guesses to be premised on him knowing that Pere was a Wildcard and the speculation that he may have been told by someone. However, this may have struck a nerve with Pere. Saga listened attentively and made sure to give comfort to Whitemoney for his frustration.

In the Game’s Lounge, Saga had a little tête-à-tête with Pere about these flaring tensions in the House. He encouraged him to play an active role and not just wait for the tension to go away. Pere let Saga’s words of wisdom sink in. Thanks to Saga, chief mediator, the beef between Pere and Whitemoney was soon going to be a thing of the past.

Unique stories with Darling

The Housemates received a new brief from Darling.

Day 24: Unique stories with Darling – BBNaija

The Brief

Dear Housemates,

Welcome to your Darling “My Hair Story” task!

Over the last few years, Darling has successfully established herself as a trendy brand helping African women find their beautiful with amazing looking hair.

Your task today is to create unique Hair stories using darling hairstyles to portray the Black Girl as Bold, Daring, Unstoppable and Beautiful, while also showing how a queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on.

To carry out this task, you will be required to play in teams. The team names for today are Team Crochet, Team Braids Team Empress and Team Natural. Each group must consist of the following personalities:

  1. The Models – All members of each team
  2. The Storyteller – one female member of each team
  3. The Stylists – All the gentlemen in each team.

To determine your teammates for today, male housemates must proceed to pick one name card each from the box labelled “Male”, while the female housemates will pick from the box labelled “Female”. Housemates who pick identical team names will form team members for today.

The task has also been broken down into two stages: The first stage is called Find Your Beautiful which will happen in the salon. You are to create a unique hair story using Darling hairstyles. Your hair story must show how Darling Hair gives the black queen confidence to be unstoppable.

As a team, you will also be required to rehearse a fashion dance routine with the Darling Black Girl Magic theme song, which will be played for you intermittently after you have finished styling your hair.

The second part will be the presentation stage in the arena but more on that later.

For now, you may proceed to the storeroom to collect your customised Darling Boxes containing your outfits and the tools you will need for the task. There is a separate box containing various wigs and attachments. Each team may choose what to use based on their team’s inspiration. You may also utilise the items in the salon to creatively execute this task.

You have 90 minutes to style your hair in the salon and 30 minutes to rehearse your dance routine. The song will come on after the 90 minutes allocated for your hair styling have elapsed.

Every member of each team is expected to be actively involved in this activity, as it determines the outcome of the overall task.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

It’s Darling time!

After dividing into teams and gearing up, the Housemates began preparation for their task. They were given 90 minutes to get their hairstyles and unique stories ready as they awaited their second brief of the night which touches on the presentation.

The second phase of the task was simply called “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” and it featured three different activities:

  1. The storytelling – each team had to nominate a representative who would introduce the team and give a short narration of their hair story. The representative had to explain how a black queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on. The story had to also highlight how the hairstyles they had on made the team Bold, Unstoppable, Daring & a Fashionista.
  2. The modelling – All team members will model and showcase their hairstyles in a fashion walk of fame before taking their positions for the fashion dance routine.
  3. The dance performance – All team members will perform their choreographed routine.

Each team’s presentation was not to exceed 10 minutes. They were provided Darling dungarees to match their cool hairstyles. Each team gave it their all telling unique stories that related to their looks and the theme of the evening. After delivering successful performances despite a few hiccups with Team Crotchet who were reprimanded by Biggie for being late.

The results were eventually collated, judged by the criteria which included originality, timing management and teamwork and the Tasks’ winner was Team Braids which included Liquorose, Yousef, JMK, Queen and Michael. They each received the sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N750, 000).

Day 25: The game just got cosy

Housemates diligently sought to keep themselves entertained every night by playing various games from the Whispering game to Truth or Dare.

Day 25: The game just got cosy – BBNaija

Doing Saga-like is somewhat paying off, and we are here for these vibes. The general atmosphere in House is that Saga and Nini have slowly been getting cosier as each day passes with things that weren’t on the table before being up for grabs.

Saga spent his Monday afternoon tickling Nini under the covers, and we’ve seen her feed him noodles from time to time. During the Truth or Dare game, Nini and Saga got to share a kiss for the first time. While Nini hesitated at first, she negotiated for a peck and shyly proceeded to kiss Saga.

Well, going for what you want and sticking to it seems to have paid off for Saga – we hope it’s the beginning of more intimate moments between the two. Hmm, we wonder what the geng will call this ship?

Hugs and Tender moments

The Cross and Saskay dilemma is one complex ship with these two being polar opposites, but their fondness for each other is undeniably prominent lately. The two shared a long, tender hug in the kitchen as they whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears.  Although we couldn’t make out what they were saying, their body language showed them to be a little more comfortable with each other than before. Is this the sign we’ve been waiting for? Will they be the next ship to set sail in the House?

A love language

Emmanuel and Liquorose’s ship is sailing true, and we are loving their energy. The pair was spotted in the closet with Emmanuel removing her make-up – talk about acts of service (heart emoji); these Housemates seem to have figured it out, and we are curious to know what their advice would be to the other potential ships in the House.

While the Housemates have been taking it slow and easing into the idea of shipping, we are excited to see them be less guarded and taking this leap into love-land.

Maria’s secret powers

Shhh…can you keep this secret?

Maria’s secret task was off to a great start with her Oscar-worthy performance. Her delivery of the new power she held managed to convince the Housemates that they would likely be up for eviction on Sunday.

Day 25: Maria's secret powers – BBNaija

In the continuation of the Diary Sessions, Housemates shared their thoughts on Maria as their new Head of House. The consensus in the House was that Maria’s power to evict two Housemates was tremendous and had most Housemates on their toes to stay in good graces with her.

JMK said she would not be doing anything to undermine or disrespect her. She believed this was key for her to stay in the House. While Tega and Peace were among the few that vocalised their concerns about this eviction power being too much for any Housemate. They both agreed to be themselves by doing as she request of them to ensure they stay in the House.

However, Yousef gave an insightful game plan to his bidding. He intended to use some of his Abeg Naira to buy his way through the week by offering some of his money to Maria to avoid being Evicted. He believed that Maria is generous and would handle this HoH role well.

Maria, on the other hand, expressed her fears about receiving the secret task and we couldn’t help but sympathise with her. She worried that Housemates may start doubting her after this task – considering she had to lie her way through as a Wildcard at first. Although she understood that the task was part of the gameplay, she was a little self-aware about the possibility of strained relationships hereafter.

Housemates Storm the yard

Body odour is a turn-off and the Housemates got just the right assignment to explain the importance of smelling fresh

Day 25: Housemates Storm the yard – BBNaija

Feeling and smelling fresh is essential for anyone and the BBNaija Housemates had the fortunate task of making this concept a reality with the Storm Body Spray Task.

For the task, the Housemates were divided into four equal teams. To divide the Housemates, a box which contained 16 envelopes with the words “THANK YOU” written on them and another four bearing the word “STORM” was presented to the House.

Taking turns, each Housemate picked one envelope from the box. The Housemates who picked envelopes bearing “STORM” stood aside from the Housemates who picked the “THANK YOU” envelopes.

After that, the four Housemates with the STORM envelopes proceeded to choose their team members by taking turns in picking Housemates with the THANK YOU envelopes.

The STORM envelopes were numbered from one to four. So, STORM one picked a team member first followed by STORM two, so on and so forth…

That is …STORM picker one called a member.

STORM picker two called a member after STORM picker one

STORM Picker three called a member after STORM picker two

STORM picker four called a member after STORM picker three

There were five rounds for STORM pickers to select their team members and in each round, they selected one member each. This went on until Housemates were equally divided into four groups with five team members in each group

The names of the were; Team White Horse, consisting of Jackie B, Maria, Pere, Saga and Sammie; Team Bull Power, with Jaypaul, Liquorose, Nini, Peace and Queen; Team Angel with Boma, Emmanuel, JMK, Micheal and Tega; and Team Love with Angel, Cross, Saskay, Whitemoney and Yousef.


Each team was required to develop and present a creative and entertaining television commercial that included a suitable song or jingle. The duration of the commercial was not to exceed five minutes and had to end with a catchy phrase that promotes the awesomeness of the Storm body spray brand.

The commercial had to also showcase how the Storm body spray affects the Housemates positively as compared to other fragrances.

The first team to give their presentation was Team Bull Power, followed by Team Love. After them, came Team White Horse and Team Angel came last.

Team Love wins the Storm Task – BBNaija

Bad energy stays far away with Storm.

Day 25: Team Love wins the Storm Task – BBNaija

#BBNaija Housemates had to once again dig through their creative toolsets to come up with an entertaining television commercial for the Storm Body Spray.

Team Bull Power

This team had Nini, Queen, Liquorose, Jaypaul and Peace as members. They went first and gave a mime-like performance of different people struggling with bad odour. By the end of their presentation, we’re sure you also couldn’t get their jingle out of your head. “You know you need Storm, storm, storm, to get you through the storm.”

Team Love

Yousef led his team which included Whitemoney, Cross, Angel and Saskay. They came up with a story of a guy in love who proposes to his girlfriend but is quickly rejected because of the bad odour coming from his armpits when they hugged. They ended their commercial with a catchy jingle that goes something like, “Bad energy stay far away, stay far away.”

Team White House

Pere led a team with Maria, Jackie B, Sammie and Saga as teammates. Their team came up with a skit about a woman who was troubled by her husband’s bad odour. This woman tells a friend about this problem, and they bump into Storm inspiration in the form of a jingle. This brings her husband a total life change. It was an interesting take on marital affairs and confidence.

Team Angel

This team included Boma, Michael, Emmanuel, Tega and JMK. Theirs was a story of a guy in the gym who tries to approach ladies in vain because of his bad odour. Michael was singing the jingle which ended, “Be wild and attractive, seductive…”

All teams executed the presentation excellently but only one team stood out the most. Team Love which included Angel, Cross, Saskay, Yousef, and Whitemoney won the sum of one million five hundred thousand Naira (N1,500, 000) which they will share among themselves.

Day 26: A musical apology

The Housemates found a creative way to escape trouble.

Day 26: A musical apology – BBNaija

The Housemates will do many things but one thing they did wrong this time was accusing Big Brother of not doing something. This is Biggie we are talking about here and Housemates almost forgot their place in the #BBNaija House.?

On Monday, the Housemates received their weekly groceries which they bought on Sunday afternoon. This was still during Pere’s tenure, so when the news arrived about the apology, it was directed to him and the rest of the House.

The Housemates went back and forth wondering how an appropriate apology could be made including thoughts of returning to the Arena where they had been presenting their Storm Body Spray Task.

It was Whitemoney who, as his natural state, started composing a tune that eventually became their redemption song. “No clapping, no laughing and let’s get on our knees” were the rules.

The Housemates in true performative style, gathered around the living room area of the #BBNaija House as they joined in song and down on their knees, they sealed off this magnificent apology! ?“We are sorry, Big Brother we are sorry! For all the shortcomings, Big Brother we are sorry o!”?

With some of them with their hands on their heads and facial expressions that matched the mood, they sang their apology to Biggie. The head of House, Maria closed it off with a poetry-like outro, thanking Big Brother for all the food and replenishment made available to them in the House.

It seemed to be a powerful act, but we’re yet to find out Biggie’s verdict. Will he accept this musical apology, or will he demand something more grandiose from them?

We’re pretty sure the Housemates will never dare accuse Biggie again.

Getting progressive with Tecno

The Housemates stopped at nothing in this Task.

Day 26: Getting progressive with Tecno – BBNaija

The #BBNaija Housemates were faced with another challenging, yet exciting Task and this time around, it was proudly sponsored by Tecno Mobile.

We had seen all they can cook up with their theatrical and musical talents, but we were yet to see if the Shine Ya Eye geng has a knack for technology too.

The Brief


Welcome to your Tecno Task!

With “STOP AT NOTHING” as the brand’s essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed and intelligent products that inspire consumers to uncover a world of possibilities.

TECNO is made for the Young at Heart, progressive in thinking and ageless in spirit. They strive for change and to become better versions of themselves, progressing each day in building the life they envision for themselves.

Today’s Task will require the house to be divided into four teams. A box containing the team names is provided. As usual, each of the Housemates is to take turns in picking one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names will play as a team for the entire task.

Your task for today will be in two parts – the first part is all about the Tecno teaser games, which will feature two exciting games namely “The X-Rush” and “Word Unscrambler”

In preparation for the games, Tecno Brand Information Materials are provided for each Housemate. As a team, you must study the contents carefully before you proceed to the Arena.

You have one hour before you will be called into the Arena.

The storeroom will be opened for you to collect your merchandise after you have determined your team members.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

The first game: Unscrambler

The first game was the Unscrambler, where the Housemates required their cognitive strengths. Placed before them was a Tecno Board with 20 hooks. There were four Tecno Phantom cards on each hook, and each card bore a scrambled word or sentence from the Tecno Phantom Brand, Story Material that was provided for them.

Each team member had to pick out a card and display its contents to team members. The team members were then expected to unscramble the word and say it out loud. Once the word was said, the team member holding the card had to immediately peel off the seal under the scrambled word or sentence and reveal the answer.

Each team had four minutes to unscramble 20 words or sentences. If they couldn’t figure out the word on a card, they may quickly move on to the next one.

The second game: X-Rush

X-Rush as the name suggests required Housemates to think and act quickly. There were four X-Tanks before them – one for each team. Each team had to fill up the four arms of the X-Tank using the X-balls provided in a pool of balls. The bottom right of the X would contain blue balls, the bottom left would contain gold balls, the top right with white balls, while the top left arm had to have black balls.

They were given a reference image on the X-Tank to guide them. Each arm of the X-tank had to be filled by one member of each team. This meant, if one team member decided to take on the gold balls, another teammate had to fill the bottom right with blue balls and so on.

When one teammate was done, he or she was expected to return to their teammates and tap the next team member who filled in the next arm of the X-tank with the correct ball colour.

Finally, when all the X-tank arms had been filled appropriately, the fourth team member to fill up the X-tank was expected to run back to their teammates and tap the last team member who then proceeded to search for a black box with gold ribbons containing the two final balls in the garden. He or she had to install one Phantom ball each on the top left and top right arm of their X-tank. The team which filled up their X-tank in the fastest time would win this round.

The Teams

Team Xcellence

JMK, Jaypaul, Angel, Nini and Peace made up this team. During the first game, they started huddled up together on the Tecno Board. Biggie asked them to stop, move back and have a member facilitating as a reminder of an orderly way to play the game. Their four minutes flew by as they struggled to make sense of the scrambled words. It appears they might have forgotten all they were studying including the extra time they got.

Team Xtraordinary

This team included Yousef, Saskay, Maria, Queen and Tega. The team which seemed to have learned from the previous team’s mistakes moved fast as they called out the words they managed to unscramble. They received applause from the Housemates at the end of their turn.

Team Xclusive

They were on fire. Pere, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, and Michael looked prepared after they were quick with unscrambling words like lightning. These students had prepared adequately for the game. They had excellent teamwork and nearly finished all the cards on the Tecno Board.

Team Xceptional

This team with Cross, Jackie B, Boma, Saga and Sammie were members who had a slow game. Some of them were even creating their own words. “Next, next, next!” was their most common word as they struggled to unscramble the words on most cards they picked.

The second game required speed and attention to get as many blue and gold balls out of the ball pit. Each team worked together and cheered on their members as they raced to fill up the X with balls. The competition was tight, but only one team could claim victory over this part of the Task.

Team Xclusive won the first game by unscrambling the most words and sentences within the allotted time. Whitemoney, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Michael and Pere were rewarded with one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno branded items

The second teaser game, X-Rush, required some agility and dexterity; two requirements that Team Xceptional had in abundance. Kudos to Cross, Sammie, Jackie B, Boma and Saga. They each won the sum of one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno Branded items.

Addressing social challenges

Team Exclusive had the task of addressing the social issue of Drug abuse. Liquorose and Whitemoney were the parents of a young man who returned from the city with a drug problem. He has a moment that he uses drugs and dies on the spot causing havoc in his parents’ household.

Team Xcellence told a story about domestic abuse. Nini acted the character of a lady who had been experiencing abuse from her husband – JMK disguised as a man – but has been hiding it. She was confronted by her friends who tried to give her good advice in order to combat the violence. The abused lady remains in the relationship until she is eventually murdered by her partner.

Team Xtraordinary created a play addressing the social challenge of gender inequality. They were very much in character, but they were taken by surprise when the buzzer went off before they had completed their presentation. At least Biggie allowed Sammie to give a low down on how the final scene would’ve played out at the end of the Task.

Team Xceptional came up with a play addressing girl child education. In their story, a girl child – acted out by Queen – was continuously denied access to education by her father – Yousef. The child was eventually exposed to a teacher – Maria – who assisted her with excelling at school. Later in her adult life, the child became an accountant.

At the end of the presentation, the teams went back to the House to return the costumes. They were given time to work on their films and edit them on the Phantom X smartphone. When time was up, the phones were retrieved. Creativity, innovation, clarity of message, phone videography and editing skills were the criteria by which the presentations were judged.

Team Xcellent met all the criteria laid down for the task. Jaypaul, JMK, Peace, Angel and Nini each received the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira and one Tecno Phantom Smartphone.

Day 27: New Cross, who’s this?

New looks and hairstyles are still trending in the House.

Day 27: New Cross, who’s this? – BBNaija

The guys were talking about hair and that’s when Cross revealed that he usually sports a short haircut which he loves, and he only started growing his dreadlocks in January this year. A seed was planted.

Fast-forward a few minutes after the chat with the guys, Cross was chilling with Saskay in the living room area, having their deep conversations, which we have become used to seeing lately. It was during this conversation when the seed of the idea of cutting his hair was watered. During their banter, Saskay advised him to trim his hair and get proper dreadlocks which would look better than his current look.

Without wasting a heartbeat, Cross embarked on his search for his new look. We can’t believe the amount of influence Saskay has over this man, but we have every reason to think that he cut off his dreadlocks to impress his empress.

Tega, who is undoubtedly one of the House’s resident hairstylists was prepared to give Cross his new look. She first chopped the top part of his hairstyle that was made up of dreadlocks and then brushed out the rest, exposing what was left of his afro.

1629419462 28 screenshot 2021 08 20 at 01.17.43

Some female Housemates were impressed by Cross’ fresh look. Maria couldn’t stop flirting with “new Cross” and even offered him a good time, calling him “baby”. We wonder where Pere was to see this? Peace echoed Maria’s feelings and desires; the ladies might have just exposed their crush too on live television. Remember when Princess confessed her crush for Cross on her way out of the House? ?

Hold on! Not everyone was chuffed about Cross’ new look though. Nini was upset, she just had to express it. “If you’re going to dump your hair then you’re just going to dump me too,” she said. He responded, “No I will love you forever.” Talk about being a man for the ladies, Cross ? .

Cross himself has mixed feelings about his new look. He looked like he was enjoying the moment Tega was combing out his hair but the different comments he received probably left him a bit confused. He, however, is looking forward to getting a fresh trim soon and so are we!

We are loving all of these makeovers among the guys in the House; wonder who’s up next for a change?

Jackie B and Angel address issues

The ladies finally have a sit-down to iron out their issues.

1629576236 56 screenshot 2021 08 21 at 21.05.15

Congratulations Saga, Liquorose, JMK, Emmanuel and Sammie.

Day 29: Lituation with DJ Sose – BBNaija

The Housemates kept it lit with DJ Sose at the BBNaija Saturday Night Party.

Day 29: Lituation with DJ Sose – BBNaija

If there’s one thing the Shine Ya Eye geng love doing, it’s partying their hearts out and last night, they did just that as DJ Sose reeled out some of the finest tunes burning up the charts.

The dance floor was on fire as the Housemates danced like it was their last night in the House. Perhaps they had the Nomination scare at the back of their minds or they just wanted to have a swell time.

1629591892 56 screenshot 2021 08 21 at 23.15.26

Looking colourful

As usual, the geng brought their A-game with their colourful outfits. Both the gentlemen and ladies came dressed correct and superfly. The drip was in excess, and they knew it too as they spent a great deal of time taking pictures of their amazing outfit.

1629592188 56 screenshot 2021 08 21 at 22.39.03

The cute pair

EmmaRose must have put smiles on the faces of their fans with the way they giggled, teased and danced with each other. Locked in each other’s gaze, they must have felt like the only ones on the dance floor. Never to stray far from each other, the two carried on like new lovers in a world of their own.

1629591846 56 screenshot 2021 08 22 at 00.06.49

For a moment, it seemed like Saga and Nini decided to explore other dance partners, but they soon found their way back to each other and there was no separating them for the rest of the night. Both were locked in each other’s arms winding and gyrating like the friends they were.

1629591811 56 screenshot 2021 08 22 at 00.35.56

They weren’t the only ones passionately dancing; Saskay and Cross had a sensual dance going on just around the corner while Maria and Pere were also caught up in their own little world.

1629591751 56 screenshot 2021 08 22 at 00.38.03

The mirror geng

It’s always fun watching yourself dance with no care in the world and Tega, Queen, JMK and Peace enjoyed this luxury. Camped in front of the mirror, they watched as they took charge of the dance floor with their sensual moves. The guys did join them too. No point in letting the ladies enjoy those sensual dance moves all by themselves.

Overall, it was an amazing night and we can bet the Housemates live for nights like this when they don’t have to worry about anything and all is well with the world.

The After-party

It’s what happens at the after-party that brings the tea of the day. After the party, some Housemates got comfortable as they continued with their individual enjoyment which led to several moments of “huhs? and whats!?”.

Michael’s confession

It takes enough Guinness in the body’s system for liquid courage to kick in. Jackie B and Michael took their conversation to a private place where she owned up to the fact that she used to care about him. She became annoyed after Michael asked what had changed because as we all know, they have been having these conversations since Friday.

Michael eventually confessed that he liked her and felt closest to her in the House. He told her that he was really invested in her and constantly trying to get to know her, her child, family, and he was even looking at her photos! Oh boy… When did his mind change so fast? He seems sincerely hurt that Jackie B “cares less” about him now. Will this cruise end in tears or what?

1629591704 56 screenshot 2021 08 21 at 23.56.03

Maria nearly spills the beans

Maria and Pere got into trouble with Biggie after the party. The two Housemates are proving to be the ultimate Wildcards, receiving microphone infringement warnings while they hung out in the garden with Maria feeding Pere.

She obviously can’t wait for the day to end, when she can finally be set free from her powers and secret because she certainly had an itch to spill the beans to Pere but kept it at, “I am keeping a secret”.

Angel and Boma get close

After the excitement we saw between Boma and Queen during the party, Angel had to clear some air regarding her involvement with the Deputy Head of House. She explained to the inquisitive Housemates that Boma sleeping in her bed on Friday night was purely accidental.

She admitted that they kissed, however, nothing kinky happened between them when they spent time together in the Executive Lounge, but we know Boma eventually crawled into her bed during the early hours of the day. We saw him taking a “walk of shame” this morning as he returned to the HoHs bedroom.

Could this be just cruise or a ship starting to develop right before our eyes? We sense more trouble for the SammieAngel Ship. Sammie told the Housemates that Angel said they “didn’t click mentally” which led him to decide that pursuing her was not worth it.

Angel countered this statement in a conversation with her Housemates, telling them that she gave him options, one of them being whether they would be exclusive or not. We don’t know who is telling the truth but in reality, it seems this Ship has sunk.

Live Show 6 – 22 Aug: Scared for nothing – BBNaija

It’s a show that was all about gaslighting the Housemates, we got to enjoy them stressing for no good reason.

Live Show 6 - 22 Aug: Scared for nothing – BBNaija

When Sunday’s Live Show started, Big Brother Naija’s viewing audience was already in on the secret – tonight would not be an Eviction show. The Housemates didn’t know that, though, so there was plenty of tension to go around.

During his chat with the Housemates, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu addressed the current Head of House, Maria, and her Deputy, Boma. When asked how she was doing, Maria had to think about the answer.

Referring to the week that was, she said the other Housemates had made her role as Head of House easy, but she admitted that the process of nominating Housemates was hard (although that was probably just for show – she knew the Nominations weren’t real).

He also managed to put Boma on the spot and got him to admit that he would have invited Angel to the Head of House room if he had his way – an admission that left Queen looking like she just smelled something bad.

Ebuka didn’t leave it there – he didn’t shy away from bringing up Whitemoney’s altercation with Pere, Emmanuel’s “situationship” with Liquorose and Saskay’s love interests – there were plenty of awkward moments whenever he spoke to the Housemates – there are going to be plenty of intense conversations in the coming days.

Despite the lack of Evictions, there was plenty to make this Live Show worth watching, not least of which was the performance by AV of his smash hit, “Big Thug Boys“, the sensation that has sparked countless TikTok dance videos.

We were also treated to an exclusive interview with Toke Makwina, the presenter of Showmax’ “The Buzz“, the show that takes you into the nitty-gritty of all things Big Brother Naija, with interviews with Evicted Housemates and in-depth analysis of the goings-on in the House.

“It’s one of those shows that leaves me blown after every episode. I’m just stunned by how many people follow Big Brother,” Toke said after being asked how “The Buzz” was going. “It’s such an amazing season!”

When Ebuka returned to the House, he managed to stop a few hearts for a moment. Remember, six of the Housemates thought they were up for Eviction, so they were more than prepped for the bad news.

As per a normal Eviction show, they were all required to stand and Maria had to name the two that would be (fake) Evicted. At one point, even Maria was caught off guard – she started to wonder whether or not this was actually real – whether she had been played this whole time.

But no – it was always a prank. “You really thought I would pick you? You’re such an idiot!” were Maria’s words to her bestie, Pere. We’re not sure if Yousef has fully recovered from his shock.

Happily, for him, he and the rest of the Housemates were allowed to stay in the house – except that some of them now had to unpack all those bags they put in the storeroom for no reason. Given the alternative, we’re sure they don’t mind, though.


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