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Create colourful memories in the Tecno booth at Lagos Fashion Week 2021



Hello Fashion lovers! The excitement is hitting a high note as the Lagos Fashion Week hits Day 3! The 2-day physical runway shows and exhibitions on October 29th and 30th at the Federal Palace Hotel Lagos, culminate what has been a week of fun, colors, and creativity. 

What is more great news is that premium smartphone brand, Tecno will be live at the exhibition grounds to capture all the colorful memories as the Official Smartphone Sponsor of the Lagos Fashion Week 2021.

As always, there will be lots of fun and engagement for visitors at the Tecno booth, which will be buzzing with lots of activities. If you want to catch your favs and celebrities at the #LagosFW21, then your best bet will be at the Tecno booth, as you’ll get to hang out with them and also take great photos!

The creative and fashion lovers are not left out, as the Tecno booth is set up just for you to create lasting memories through pictures and videos. Do not forget to pick up a Tecno device on the way!

There will be lots of giveaways and some cool free gifts, all thanks to TECNO. All you have to do is visit the booth, play mini-games or participate in fun trivia questions. 

You can be sure, Tecno, one of your top smartphone brands will be there to make it count! So get ready, kit up, dress to your nines, and attend the Lagos Fashion Week.

We are here to enjoy all that this weekend brings.

TECNO awaits You.

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