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Tania Omotayo Addresses the Pressure of Childbirth in Episode 12 of “Mum’s Worst Day” with Nicole Chikwe

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In the latest episode of the “Mum’s Worst Day” podcast, Nicole Chikwe sits with Tania Omotayo as they chat about different areas of motherhood ranging from pregnancy to social life and instances of failure as a mother.

Tania talks about her journey through pregnancy, its highs and lows, and how being a mother doesn’t stop her from doing her business and making money. The duo also shares awkward experiences of travelling with kids and how people around choose to either help or ignore distressed travelling mothers with kids.

They also talk about the pressure from society on women to rush childbirth after the first child and how mothers should be allowed to give birth when they are ready.

Catch up with previous episodes below:

Episode 7

Nicole Chikwe chats with Eku Edewor about the intricacies of pregnancy, especially as a public figure, and the effect of body changes on mental health. Eku goes on to share the impact of motherhood on her career; how it alters the workflow, ways to buffer the brunt of tending to children and how her career has evolved from acting and presenting into producing.

They also talked about ways of fostering strong communication skills when raising children, how the use of sign language helps to push communication hard and how reasoning with these kids help them learn to think for themselves.

Episode 8

In the episode Nicole Chikwe chats with Makida Moka Onyekweli as they discuss their modelling careers, finding love in the most unexpected places and creating a routine for your child.

Episode 9

In this episode, lifestyle coach Kaka Amanoh talks about sleep training with kids, the possible outcomes and how to deal with babies who experience sleep regression.

Kaka talks to Nicole extensively about femininity, the various ways it manifests in women and how motherhood impacts femininity in women. The conversation reveals different expressions of femininity and the struggle nursing mothers face in expressing their femininity. Kaka also speaks heartily about the conception and birth of her beautiful baby boy and the new projects she has which are targeted to reach mothers.

Episode 10

CNN’s West Africa Lead Reporter, Stephanie Busari chats with Nicole Chikwe, about the impact of motherhood on the career trajectory of a woman. They discuss the growing number of kidnapping cases in Nigeria and the disparity in our value system of these kidnapping cases. They go on to discuss how mothers cope with protecting their children from the plethora of fake and harmful information available on social media in this time and age.

Stephanie also speaks about how she supported her young daughter on her entrepreneurial journey and the enthusiasm kids can express when they are passionate about a thing.

Episode 11

This episode features Adaeze Yobo, as she chats with Nicole Chikwe about what it was like to get married to a celebrity figure and become a mother at the age of 20. Adaeze and Nicole share their experiences of prenatal and postpartum depression; how it can, sometimes, induce the fear of subsequent childbirth.

They also beam the spotlight on the roles of husbands during pregnancy; how their presence can make the pregnancy easier for the woman and intentional parenting to ensure no child in the family is feeling less loved than the other.


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