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It’s Official! GAIA AFRICA Launches its Clubhouse ‘Gaia House’ | See Photos



GAIA AFRICA officially opens its doors at the launch of its clubhouse, GAIA House on Saturday, November 13, 2021 with guests enjoying the special night hosted by its founder, Olatowun Candide-Johnson.

GAIA AFRICAhas officially launched its clubhouse that seeks to collectively inspire, challenge and support African women to partner, collaborate, scale, and increase active participation in business across industries.  With the launch of “GAIA House”, the club will widen its offering with access to a safe business community that enables lasting and value-driven connections amongst diverse women leaders through club activities, events, its executive academy, and mastermind groups.

The evening started with guests arriving and settling into Gaby Lagos, the Mediterranean fusion restaurant housed in the GAIA House for a cocktail reception supported by Veuve Clicquot.

Guests were then ushered to the Haven – the member’s lounge,  for the formal part of the evening. GAIA AFRICA Founding Member, Olayemi Keri gave a welcome address (including her experience with GAIA AFRICA. GAIA AFRICA Founder, Olatowun Candide-Johnson Speaking on the GAIA AFRICA journey said;

“It is incredible to see one’s vision come to life. In spite of the challenges, I have seen our beautiful Club House completed, members, continuing to build trust, form new friendships, investing and do business together. And best of all it is great to see membership on the increase”

This was followed by a series of testimonials from members, sharing their experiences since joining the club. GAIA AFRICA Founding Fifty members, Yemi Keri, NED, FCMB & co-founder of Rising Tide Africa talked guests through GAIA House and its world-class facilities. She defined GAIA House as “an elegant private space for women to enable special business connections, partnerships, and collaborations” She added, “ The Club House provides the highest levels of comfort and cuisine, as well as an unrivalled level of personal service.”

Exquisite canapes (from Gaby Lagos), cocktails & champagne were served as guests leisurely explored the clubhouse which features the eclectic Mediterranean and evolved fusion restaurant called Gaby Lagos,  The Hub ( a multi-purpose function room),  A Fitness Studio, Massage room, Athena Meeting Rooms and a members lounge called The Haven. The evening ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Mena Imasekha, Business Development & Operations Manager for GAIA AFRICA.

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