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2Sure makes a Disruptive Entry with the ‘No Be Wash’ Campaign! Introducing 2Sure Dishwashing Liquid



What’s better than one disruptive campaign? Two! And 2Sure has proved just that. 

At first glance, the campaign took a natural form with the audience recounting experiences of fake promises people made them in a trendy #Nawash series. This trend had people conversing expressively across different platforms and in different aspects of life. 

What looked like just a regular brilliant trend soon turned out to be the genius of the 2Sure brand as they soon launched their 2Sure No Be Wash communication which led to the viby 2Sure jingle. With everyone elaborating on their experiences with fake promises, 2Sure had to come out to say if everything else over-promises and under-delivers, they are and will remain authentic. 

This is not the first time the brand is expressing such as they made a mark at the launch of their antibacterial soap, with the campaign message being ‘Be The Spec’. 

They keep setting the trends and changing the face of marketing in Nigeria. With such well-thought-out marketing plans, 2Sure is one brand to look out for, because the excitement they bring to the table is unmatched. 

And definitely, for a brand whose expansion and innovation rate is on the rise, it’s glaring that the future holds bright promises for the brand but let’s keep our fingers crossed to see what more they have in store for us.

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