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Meet the Smart & Stunning Queens Representing Africa at the 2021 Miss World

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This weekend is the grand finale of the Miss World 2021 competition!

Miss World 2021 will be the 70th edition of the pageant and will take place on December 16, in the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 97 participants from across the world will compete for the title.

Oluchi Madubuike, Nigeria’s representative, still needs your vote. To vote, go to the AppStore or Google Play and download the Miss World app, then vote for Miss Nigeria.

As always, BN will keep you updated on the competition, but first, here’s your opportunity to get to know ALL of the African beauty queens competing for the Miss World 2021 crown.




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Oluchi Madubuike

Age: 25
Height: 175
Occupation: ER Nurse
Language: English, Igbo
Bio: Having completed her Degree in the Science of Nursing, Oluchi is currently working as an Emergency, Intensive and Critical Care Nurse. Her dreams are to open the first-ever Oncology and Cardiology Speciality Hospital in Nigeria and become an Emergency Medical Physician. She enjoys playing volleyball and tennis and has an interest in Creative Writing as well as Afrocentric Dance.
Personal Motto: ‘You only live once and if you do it right, once is enough.’



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Ruth Carlos

Age: 24
Height: 180
Occupation: Student
Language: Spanish and English
Bio: As well as working for an Angolan Public Company, Ruth is also studying for a degree in Human Resources and has ambitions to work for an International Company. She has an interest in Afrique Dance, Volleyball and Handball. Ruth’s all-time favourite film is, “Blame it on the Stars” and her favourite online series is, “Master Chef.”
Personal Motto: ‘Persistence because nothing is easy.’



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Palesa Molefe

Age: 22
Height: 167
Occupation: Actress
Language: Setswana, English
Bio: Palesa is currently working as an Actress, Writer and Producer, and is the founder of Botswana United Artists, an NGO founded to illuminate the value of artists and mental health in society. Her proudest moment was when the agency was finally registered as an NGO. Palesa has a fear of not trying hard enough. “The Notebook” is her favourite film by Jan Sardi and her favourite online blog is ‘DIY Hacks.’
Personal Motto: ‘Make beautiful things, even if no one notices.’



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Audrey Monkam

Age: 26
Height: 180
Occupation: Model
Language: French and English
Bio: Audrey has a Degree in Banking and Finance and is currently working as a Model. She would one day like to own her own cosmetic or clothing line. Her favourite movie is “The Sound of Music,” and her favourite feel-good song is ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams. Audrey also enjoys singing, dancing and travelling and is an avid cook.
Personal Motto: ‘Use your beauty to give life meaning and purpose.’

Cote d’Ivoire


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Olivia Yace

Age: 23
Height: 180
Occupation: Student
Language: French, Spanish, English
Bio: Olivia has a Degree in Marketing and Management and would like to continue her studies with a Masters Degree. She enjoys singing, dancing and travelling. Mama Mia is her favourite film and her favourite song is: ‘This Little Light of Mine.’ If Olivia could invite someone for dinner it would be Michelle Obama as she admires her as a role model.
Personal Motto: ‘Know who you are to know where


Nene Bah 

Age: 26
Height: 179
Occupation: Accountant, Model and Author
Language: French, Fulani and English
Bio: After completing her Degree in Commerce, Nene is not only working as an Accountant, she is also a Model, an Activist for Gender Equality and an Advocate for Mental Health and Education. One of her ambitions is to be a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She enjoys playing board games, singing and learning Basketball.
Personal Motto: ‘Inside every single one of us there is all of us, let us, therefore, be more mindful of one another and practice collective kindness.’

Equatorial Guinea

Lucila Mibuy

Age: 21
Height: 170
Occupation: Student
Language: English and French
Bio: Lucila is currently studying Business Administration and Management and has ambitions to be an Entrepreneur. She has a passion for basketball and for fashion. Her most memorable moment was when she first held her little brother for the first time.



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Itchacénia Da Costa

Age: 23
Height: 179
Occupation: Law Student and Dance Event Organiser
Language: Portuguese, Creole, Spanish, English, Catalan
Bio: Itchacenia has specialized in Aeronautical Computer Programming and is currently completing a Law Degree and working as a Dance Event Organiser. She has a pet dog called Ursu and her favourite film is ‘A Walk to Remember.’ Her biggest fear is losing somebody that she loves.
Personal Motto: ‘Don’t be afraid to be different, be yourself, being different means that you have something unique to offer to the world.’



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Sharon Obara

Age: 22
Height: 175
Occupation: Student
Language: English, French, Kiswahili
Bio: Sharon completed a Diploma in French and is currently studying for a Bachelors’ Degree in Psychology she would eventually like to run her own Psychiatric Practice. She enjoys baking and the arts and is a model and brand influencer. Her favourite film is ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and her favourite book is ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama.
Personal Motto: ‘What is worth doing is worth giving your best.’



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Monique Agbedekpui

Age: 24
Height: 179
Occupation: Student
Bio: Currently a student, Monique has a Diploma in Fashion and Design and has ambitions to be a renowned Fashion Designer. She enjoys reading and dancing. ‘Black and Blue’ is her favourite film and her favourite song is ‘When you believe.’ Since being crowned, Monique has been involved in mentor-ships and entrepreneurship sessions in her local community.
Personal Motto: ‘You can make a difference, every day is another chance.’


Nellie Anjaratiana

Age: 25
Height: 170
Occupation: Administrator
Language: Malagasy, French and English
Bio: After studying Science and Customer Relations, Nellie is currently working in the Insurance Sector but would eventually like to work in the Health Sector. She enjoys dancing and swimming. Her favourite song is, ‘I Don’t Care’ by Ed Sheeran and she enjoys all sorts of Pop and R&B music.
Personal Motto: ‘Be yourself, everyone else I already taken.’



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Angelique Sanson

Age: 27
Height: 170
Occupation: Admin Manager
Language: French, English, Mauritian Creole
Bio: After graduating with a Degree in Management and Economics, Angelique is currently working as an Administrative Manager. She enjoys kite surfing, hiking and has been dancing since she was very young. Angelique was captain of the cheer leading squad at University and participated in national competitions. Her favourite song is ‘Makeba’ by Jain.
Personal Motto: ‘Everything happens for a reason. We have to find the positive in every situation.’



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Annerie Mare

Age: 26
Height: 179
Occupation: Student and Life Coach
Language: Afrikaans, English, Hereo
Bio: Annerie is currently in the second year of her Degree course in Counselling she is also working as a Life Coach and is an International Youth Leader. Having grown up on a farm, Annerie frequently had elephants and lions roaming near her house and she has a Pet Giraffe. Her ambitions are to specialise in Equine Therapy. She enjoys free flow dancing and the performing arts. Personal Motto: ‘Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.’



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Penda SY

Age: 24
Height: 172
Occupation: Model
Language: English, Wolof, Peulh
Bio: After completing her studies in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control, Penda is currently working as a Model and has ambitions of becoming a Fashion Icon. Her hobbies and interests include handball, gymnastics and cooking. Penda is also passionate about dancing and her proudest moment was when she received her first salary.

South Africa

Shudufhadzo Musida 

Age: 25
Height: 174
Occupation: Student and Chair of a Foundation
Language: English, Tshivenda
Bio: Shudufhadzo has completed a Degree in Social Sciences focusing on Philosophy, Economics, Politics and International Relations. She is currently continuing her studies but is also the Founder and Chairwoman of her own Foundation. One of her dreams is to work for the United Nations. Shudufhazdo is also an Advocate for Mental Health and has had many opportunities to speak about it on International Platforms.
Personal Motto: ‘We should all speak the language of service, that is how we can change the world.’


Juliana Rugumisa

Age: 24
Height: 175
Occupation: Prosthetics and Orthotics Intern
Language: Kiswahili, English
Bio: After completing her studies, Juliana is currently working as a Prosethics and Orthotics Intern at the National Hospital. She has ambitions to set up her own NGO to assist people with physical disabilities. Her proudest moment was when she was able to rescue a physically challenged girl who had not left the house for five years. She has two cats called Raha and Amani. She enjoys playing the piano, singing and going on adventures.
Personal Motto: ‘Just go for it.’


Elizabeth Bagaya

Age: 26
Height: 169
Occupation: Make-Up Artist
Language: Luganda, English, Rutooro, Ruyankole
Bio: After completing her Degree in Human Resources Management, Elizabeth is currently working as a make-up Artist and aspires to own her own Make-Up studio. Her proudest moment has been organising a Christmas Party for children suffering with Mental Health issues. Her favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and her favourite film is ‘Forrest Gump.’
Personal Motto: ‘ Be you, do you.’


Vanessa Chinyemba 

Age: 24
Height: 178
Occupation: Public Relations Manager
Language: Nyanja, Bemba & English


Grace Ingabire 


Khadija Omar


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African Descents


Pamela Uba (born in South Africa to Nigerian parents)

Age: 26
Height: 165
Occupation: Medical Scientist and Model
Language: English
Bio: Having graduated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Chemistry, from Trinity College in Dublin, Pamela is currently working as a Medical Scientist and a part-time model and has ambitions to work as a Consultant Biochemist. She has an interest in football and dance and enjoys singing. ‘The Note Book’ is Pamela’s favourite film and she has a pet dog called Baeby who is part German Shepard and Akita.
Personal Motto: ‘Your difference is what makes you unique and that difference is beautiful.’


Rehema Muthamia (British with Kenyan heritage)

Age: 25
Height: 170
Occupation: Health Technology Consultant
Language: English, Swahili, Kimeru, Italian
Bio: After completing an Integrated Master’s Degree in Genetics, Rehema is currently working as a Health Technology Consultant and has ambitions to complete a PHD in Medical Genetics. Among other things, she enjoys baking, playing the guitar, singing and salsa dancing. Rehema’s favourite film is ‘Hairspray.’
Personal Motto: ‘If you can change your thoughts, then you can change your world.’