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Oluchi Madubuike is Ready for Miss World 2021 Finale! Take a Look at Her Exciting Journey



The much-anticipated Miss World 2021 finale is set to take place tonight, December 16th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2021 and Nigeria’s Miss World representative, Oluchi Chioma Madubuike is ready to walk the International stage and she shared these gorgeous photos for your anticipation, and to appreciate the support towards her journey.

Oluchi who has graciously taken us through her Miss World journey shared the photos on Instagram saying:

The Day has come. As I grace that stage tonight bearing the name NIGERIA, I’ll keep my head high and my smile infectious because I am evidence that dreams do come true. Thank God ??To all that have lived this dream with me, I say THANK YOU.

What started off as a dream of a little girl back then, is about to come to life. I would walk the Miss World stage as NIGERIA today

Forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience that came with this trip to Puerto Rico to show the World the beauty and warmth of NIGERIA

As we await the result of tonight’s finale, here’s a quick look at what Oluchi’s journey has been like and everything she has learned.

Hell0 Puerto Rico

A little Glow. A little Sun. A large burst of freshness. Good to finally be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Let’s soak this all in

Day 2 in Puerto Rico

Quick switch up for Day 2 in Puerto Rico! So excited to be on this journey @missworld representing my beautiful NIGERIA ??! Thanks so much for all the love and support! ♥️ #VoyTuristeando #Turismolnterno #Unalsla78Destinos

With the Current Miss World – Toni-Ann Singh

A great and inspiring moment to meet the reigning @missworld @toniannsingh

The purpose behind this Beauty is greater in person. She’s truly more authentic and captivating than I thought she would be! I’m praying this photo ages well ???

Puerto Rico Symphonic Concert

As Humans, We are all in the middle of our own opera. Enjoy the high notes. Attending Puerto Rico Symphonic Concert with my Miss World Sisters was a delight ????

Thanksgiving Dinner

Gratitude helps us to see what is there instead of what isn’t. I’m thankful for life and good health! I’m thankful for family and friends! Thankful for the opportunity to make an impact in the world through the @missworld organization and @missworld_beautywithapurpose.

So thankful to have the honour of representing my country – ??! Lastly, I’m thankful for being able to meet and experience such beautiful and amazing people here at @missworld

At the Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday with Chairman and CEO of Miss World Organization @missworld, Julia Evelyn Morley @thejuliamorley

82 years of living an exemplary life, 70 years of changing beauty narratives, 49 years of giving Beauty a Purpose, 21 years of giving your time and resources to world causes as Chairman

Taking over from Eric Morley and raising the flag so high, that little girls like me can dream from different corners of the world to be part of such a great legacy

I feel we might not say it enough but this is a Thank You Post For doing what you do

Happy Thanksgiving ?????

Head to Head Challenge

I went to the Group 12 recording of the Head to Head challenge today. Eager to lend my voice and opinion on world issues. Curious to hear the advocacies and ideas of other strongly motivated women. Happy to know that together we all want to change the world for good.

Head to Head Challenge was a chance to let the world know our thoughts and opinions on issues. I spoke my truths and bore my heart out

Tourism Day

Surround yourself with pillars of knowledge, truth, service, change, courage and motivation and you will find your feet will be solid on the grounds of the World.

At the Puerto Rico Institute Of Culture

Just a bit of sunshine to ignite my day. Visited the Puerto Rico Institute Of Culture @icppr ??Indeed Culture is a way of life

Lunch with the Miss World Sisters

Headed out today to have lunch with my World sisters, but before I show you my tasty meal, enjoy this tasty picture.

Puerto Rico has truly been awesome, the love and support we give each other as pageant sisters is beautiful.

And thank you to everyone back home constantly supporting me, together we can do this! Check next post for my food of the day.

Sports Day

What day? SPORTS day! What team? BLUE team ?

Today we travelled all the way to Mayaguez Stadium to showcase our athletic side. Your girl was on the reserve so I only got to participate in 1 activity but trust and believe I made y’all proud.

These two ladies here @itchaceniia ??and @palesamolefe_bw ?? gave me all the ginger I needed today! These ladies are fierce and full of energy. I enjoyed sharing this experience with them.

Today especially, I was indeed so grateful to be surrounded by multifaceted beauties just like myself. It’s so captivating meeting other females who share so much in common with me. I guess it’s really true what my friend @saranbahofficial ?? often says “there’s a little bit of each of us in all of us…”

Special thanks to @ashleylauren for the sportswear and @missworld for an unforgettable day.

I love you all so much! Thank you for all you do for me and all you do for NIGERIA! You are seen, heard and appreciated! Let’s keep the momentum going ???


After 2 days of rehearsals, we finally got to dress up again. I hadn’t worn makeup in two days and so I was ready to look my best. I loved how this look turned out. I also decided to go with this gorgeous dress made by my favourite local tailor in NIGERIA!

In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve been intentionally repping NIGERIA in most if not all my outfits because our works and crafts deserve to be seen internationally.

Last night we attended a cocktail event and Christmas tree lighting at @hyattregencygrandreservepr . We were entertained with amazing Puerto Rican music and cultural dances. Every time I hear those Puerto Rican drums it takes me back home to NIGERIA because it reminds me so much of Afrobeats. Honestly, I always gbese to most Puerto Rican songs too. Lol. ?

Your love and support have been impeccable!!! I love y’all so much! ♥️??

At the Historic Capitol Building in Peurto Rico (Capitol De Peurto Rico)

Today we visited the historic capital building in Puerto Rico! It was a rich cultural and historical experience. I learnt so much about Puerto Rico! I even got to showcase my dancing skills with the most talented Puerto Rican dancers!

Swipe to see the evidence – this beautiful girl was showing me moves and I was was meant to copy. How did I do? The music here has many similarities to Afrobeats and it made me feel right at home.

I also wanted to take time out to specially THANK YOU all so much for everything!!! We didn’t win the head to head challenge but the love and support was so amazing! I’m so proud of how y’all came together in unity and really showed out! I love y’all so much ♥️♥️

At the Dance of Nations

When I was told we would do a dance of nations and we needed an outfit for it. I thought of culture, comfort and the style Of a Nigerian woman.

I realized we are Bold, daring, glamorous, detailed and stylish

My team reached out to @oma_africa and she pulled together this wonder ?? Looking forward to doing the dance with the passion and energy of a typical Nigerian woman

Personal growth is not a matter of learning new information but of unlearning old limits. I am grateful for the growth in these past few weeks

Official headshot – Miss World 2021

What a journey it has been! I cannot believe it’s only 2 days till the @missworld final. This has been the most humbling journey I have experienced. It’s been life-changing and I have growing pains I never imagined I would.

Coming to such a prestigious pageant, we all come with expectations which oftentimes may never be met but we must stay grateful! We must remember that this is a once in a lifetime experience! I have learnt what it means to truly trust God, to let go and let God.

So many things have been out of my control. I have cried, laughed, screamed but through it all, I’ve truly loved, loved wholeheartedly and learned, unlearned and relearned.

I’ve met so many beautiful souls and made lifelong sisters. God has never left my side through it all. On my hardest days, He has kept me going. He has never forsaken me. I cannot help but be thankful to the King of kings! I am also very grateful to @silverbirdmbgn and @missworld for this life-changing journey.

Lastly, a special thank you to everyone who has supported me and loved me during this time. I love you all tremendously! ♥️


Image @shots_by_mena
Styling @infoworldcharming
Makeup @ceeyonceemua
Hair @bee__tresses

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