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‘Another Place, Another Time’ Your Exclusive Look at Mr Phisha’s Afro-futuristic Art Collection and NFTs

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Another Time…Another Place (ATAP) is a photo-art exhibition project by visual storyteller, Akinlabi Akinbulumo who goes by the alias “Mr Phisha”. This project consists of over 60 pieces which will be showcased in a variety of exhibitions, with 10 pieces shared publicly as an NFT collection. These artworks are a mixture of his high contrast black and white photography and vibrantly colored motif/ pattern art delivered in an Afrofuturistic style.

As a multidimensional artist, Mr Phisha’s collection is a combination of his design, photography, world views, and his ability to use images to tell a story. His energy, passion, visual skill, and the quality of his work has been compared to American designer, Virgil Abloh. The ATAP collection is built around the fact that even though a lot of early civilization stories and discoveries have been attributed to Africa, circumstances and people induced set-backshave caused it to play catch up with the rest of the world in the last 3-4 centuries. However, over the last decade, the African people have experienced a slow but progressive awakening. Understanding not only its potential but that individuals have the ability to create and discover new realities and then the collective will applaud these victories and follow suit. This has shown up in the area of music, movies, medicine, technology, finance, trade, art/fashion and sports. Each piece of ATAP tells a story that fits into this larger story about Mr Phisha’s predictions of Africa.

He says, “The entire world closed down for a few months in 2020 because of the pandemic and it forced everyone to rethink life, living and the future. More importantly, I have recently begun to see how these times have given Africans the opportunity to become a bit more conscious of who they are (not necessarily in relation to the continent) and seek for solutions and a lifestyle that will cause them to by-pass so many stages of growth that they previously would have had to go through. This will mean that in the next decade Africa would have advanced at a rate difficult to predict. This is the premise for this project. To predict by telling a story, using art and photography, of people making discoveries that land them at another time another place.

ATAP recently showed at the Livespot X Festival in December 2021, and will be released as an official NFT collection in January 2022, with a series of physical exhibitions popping up in various cities throughout the year.

Find out more about MrPhisha on:

IG – @mrphisha

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