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Experience Sweet Sensations as ColdStone Creamery introduces New Flavours & Amazing Deals this April

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Cold Stone Creamery, A top ice cream brand and home of one of the ultimate ice cream experiences are back this April with the addition of two new amazing flavors to its More Love Menu and they have us completely drooling.

Introducing the Sweet Pineapple Cream and Coconut Custard Cream. Experience sweet sensations like never before as these 2 new flavors come creamier, smoother, and tastier!

If you are in the mood for something sweet and loaded with creamy goodness, the Sweet Pineapple Cream ice cream is your best bet! Made from the creamiest of sweet creams, Pineapple flavoring, and pineapple tidbits, this flavor has is going to keep you wanting more

We are going completely nuts for the Coconut Custard Cream and we think you will too, made with a smooth blend of sweet cream mixed with caramel, coconut flavoring, and custard, this flavor is a must-have.

Enjoy April with ultimate indulgence in these new flavors (Sweet pineapple cream and Coconut custard cream) in the Runaway deal where you get a Like it cup of delicious creamy goodness of Cold Stone ice cream for just N1,200 only! Visit any of the stores or order via the Cold stone App or online.

Do not miss out on the most anticipated Buy One Get Free deal on All Plain Flavours on April 13th. The Rum & Raisin Buy one get one Free deal valid all through April, Ramadan Iftar deal is also not left out for the Muslim fam, where you can also enjoy a Gotta have it cup of tasty ice cream and toppings, all for N2700 only.

This weekend, Enjoy More Love during the Easter celebrations with the super amazing Easter cakes at 10% discount as well as the Easter deal which offers 2 Like it Cups and 2 Plain waffles at N2500

No matter what you crave, there is always a flavor for you!

All yummy flavors are available to order on Cold Stone’s website and huge 50% off on Like it and Love it cup sizes when you order online. Each unique flavor is made with love and guaranteed to make you come running back for more.

Watch out for more offers, discounts, and deals up for grabs from the brand. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to never miss out on the fun.

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