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Yetunde Odimayo’s incredible story is the jolt you need to keep going!

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This is a reminder that your dreams are valid!

Yetunde Odimayo‘s incredible story is the jolt you need to keep going.

The model shared the heartwarming story of her journey from Nigeria’s Next Supermodel to becoming a Gucci model. She revealed that she won Nigeria’s Next Supermodel in 2020 and that she is now a Gucci model two years later.

She wrote on her page:

Everyone is probably wondering why I can’t stop talking about this, God is just so good and I just want to keep reminding y’all esp the ones in doubt… “It’s just a show she did, why the noise? lol except breathing, this is the biggest testimony of my life… Thanks to Mrs Joan (she’s just one amazing mother for her models) Thank you so so much for believing in me, I love you all with the whole of my heart (a.

We love to see it!

Watch the inspiring video below:

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