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Catch a Glimpse of Shade Okoya’s Enchanting World as She Covers this Week’s Edition of TheWill Downtown Magazine

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On the cover of the latest edition of TheWill Downtown Magazine is the business mogul and fashion icon, Shade Okoya.

In this interview, Shade Okoya shares intimate details about her work, what the government should be doing with the fashion industry to generate funds for our beloved Nigeria, and areas where the Nigerian garment infrastructure needs improvement. She also spoke about motherhood and raising her children in the metaverse age.

Read this note from the Editor, Onah Nwachukwu:

While it was commonplace to think a young woman being married to a wealthy older man is just for, well, status symbol, some women are breaking this bias.

One of such women is our cover personality for this week, Shade Okoya @shade.okoya. As we all know, she was young when she made the bold move to marry Chief Rasaq Okoya, and while most people expected her to be the trophy wife, Shade Okoya now heads his business empire, proving she is anything but a trophy.

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