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A Surprise in a Surprise! Enjoy Gbemi & Collins’ #BNBling Moment



We all love a good surprise. From the thoughtfulness that goes into it, to the surprise itself… it sure is one of the many beautiful ways to express love. Today, we get to enjoy one of the sweetest surprise stunts ever – a surprise within another!

Gbemi was all out to demonstrate her intentionality as she planned to surprise the love of her life, Collins with a birthday party. While she got busy and ready to blow his mind, her surprise show had gotten a new wave. On the D-day, she ended up being the surprised one, as collins also popped the big question. Of course, she said yes! Now, here we are, drooling over their love as we take in all the beauty of their #BNBling moment. You surely want to see how Collins pulled this off – so just keep scrolling to get the full gist.

Enjoy Gbemi and Collins’ engagement photos and their proposal story below.

The Proposal:

In March of 2020, I was planning a surprise 30th birthday for Collins with his close friends and family. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be postponed to a later date. I decided to postpone the surprise party to March 2021.

Collins, however, caught wind of the surprise party and had other plans. After planning this surprise party for over a year, the day finally came! I was super excited and couldn’t wait to surprise Collins. When Collins and I arrived at the venue, as soon as we walked in everyone screamed “Surprise”.

He was shocked at what was going on – or so I thought. After the surprise, I noticed people moving around and the music started to change. That’s when I realized what was about to happen. All our loved ones, family and friends, each gave me a rose. Collins then professed his love for me and asked me to marry him.

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Bride-to-be @immabullnurse
Groom-to-be @cuagbor
Photography @OluGPhotography
Videography @MikeAdePhoto
Planner @FTKKonnect


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