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Meet Gamp: The Tech startup Company fixing Damaged Devices at Affordable Prices

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Africa has over 520 million devices and that number is growing very quickly. However, device manufacturers don’t provide enough support in Africa, so when devices break, it’s really hard to get the right help from the brand or retailers and it’s also unnecessarily expensive to fix or replace.

Before Gamp:

  • Device protection products/ services were almost non-existent in Africa. In the US, Europe, and South-East Asia, products/ services like Applecare+ and Samsung Care+ are widely available, leading to African customers sometimes doing away with their devices or shipping them abroad for support.
  • Consumers (businesses and individuals) have to visit local repair shops which are inconvenient and lack transparent, authentic, and time-bound service delivery.
  • Fixing or replacing broken devices is unnecessarily expensive and it’s such that Africans spend between 30-100% of the device value on it.

Gamp CEO/Co-founder, Bolu Omotayo

Gamp is an insurtech for devices. They provide Device Protection Plans and Repair Support for individuals and businesses for laptops, workstations, tablets, and smartphones in Nigeria – Whatever brand, whether it’s new, used, or refurbished.

With Gamp, consumers and businesses can now easily access device protection plans at as low as N500 per month, online or through their Retail Partners and Agents.

The Device Protection Plan is an extended warranty product that allows Gamp to fix or replace the covered device while the customer pays Zero Naira. The Protection Plan covers the broken screen, liquid spills, charging ports, motherboard, charger, battery, broken device case, etc.

You can also access Repair Support at your fingertips through the website. Repair options include pick-fix-return or walk-in options to their experience center with multiple payment options including Fix-Now-Pay-Later.

From L – R, COO/Co-founder, Temitope Ige-Isang; Gamp CEO/Co-founder, Bolu Omotayo; and CTO/Co-founder, Toluwani Famokunwa.

Gamp for Business is a one-stop subscription-based platform to manage your business’ devices throughout their lifecycle. With this, businesses no longer have to worry about the cost of fixing their devices in the case of damage or breakdown. It also comes with device maintenance servicing, device trade-in, and tech support.

Businesses like Zilla, and Carry1st among other startups and corporate entities have partnered with Gamp to help them save avoidable costs in fixing/ replacing their work device when it breaks or gets missing.

Gamp is unique in device insurance because, in addition to offering protection plans, they also handle the repairs in the event of damage or malfunction. The experts at Gamp are capable of handling broken screens, liquid spill clean-up, charging ports, speakers, batteries, motherboards, chargers, and other kinds of issues.

From L – R, Gamp CEO/Co-founder, Bolu Omotayo; COO/Co-founder, Temitope Ige-Isang; and CTO/Co-founder, Toluwani Famokunwa.

Devices are the single most valuable assets common to all individuals and businesses. Most of the technological advancements in Africa can be traced to the proliferation of smartphones. Gamp’s mission is to make it easy for Africans to easily maintain these devices throughout their lifecycle.

You can get started with Gamp by visiting

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