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Adut Akech Bior’s Collaboration With Vogue Is A Must-See For #BellaStylistas

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Brooches are back on trend and no, they aren’t for the grannies alone. American Vogue Magazine teams up with South Sudanese-Australian Top model Adut Akech to prove that this classic accessory is much more than a grand ol’ thing on the March 2023 edition of its Just One Thing titled “How a Single Brooch Can Be Worn Many Wonderous Ways”. 

A brooch is arguably the most multifunctional piece of jewellery anyone can have today. With an interesting history that dates back to the Bronze Age as an evolution of the giant safety pins from the Iron Age, this multipurpose pin remains a timeless beauty and a very versatile accessory.

Adding the right pin to any ensemble is one of the easiest ways to add a jazzy statement to your look. Though it doesn’t have to be bedazzled, as there is a brooch for every style—from the trendy and logo-loving dressers to the minimalists—for Akech, that pin just happens to be attached to a diamond Van Cleef & Arpels 18K gold botanical brooch shaped into a garden rose – a classic accessory with a very long history, whose endless versatility makes it incredibly modern. 

See how she pairs it with various ensembles from her hat, denim, jacket, tie, flowy dress, suit, and knitwear to a pretty ribbon tied around her hair and choker around her neck while rocking some of the biggest designers in today’s fashion from Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors to Prada and more. There is no doubt that the right brooch can elevate an outfit.

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Photographer – @seanthomas_photo

Styling/Fashion Editor – @tabithasimmons

Hair – @jsthestudio

Makeup – @hollysilius

Global Casting Director – @imurillo

For – @voguemagazine

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