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Asa Asika on Developing Afrobeats Superstars, The Plug’s Journey, and the Business of Music

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Asa Asika, a renown music industry figure and talent manager, joins Nollywood executive producer and showrunner, author and podcast host  Arese Ugwu for an exclusive interview. As the co-founder of HotBox Lagos and The Plug and a key player in developing Afrobeats superstars, Asa shares his insights on the journey, the challenges he faced along the way, building The Plug with Bizzle Osikoya and the merger with Tobi Mohammed‘s TopBoy Entertainment .

Discover how Asa has paved the way for emerging talent and the strategies he employs to nurture their success. Gain valuable knowledge on the dynamic Afrobeats industry, the thriving business of music and its future trajectory. Don’t miss this episode if you’re passionate about changing the game and elevating artists to new heights.

Tune in to get an insider’s perspective on the fast paced music industry.



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