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Johnnie Walker took on the Maryland Independence Tunnel Revamp to promote the Culture and Creativity of Nigerians!

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After the artistic rejuvenation of the historic Freedom Park, Johnnie Walker has taken further strides to solidify its place as a promoter of culture and creativity. These strides led to Johnnie Walker’s freshest project: the Independence Tunnel revamp. Located in Maryland, the tunnel saw a complete transformation, with art that celebrates the Nigerian spirit that never stops and honours the people that walked before us. It is a reminder to today’s creatives that they are surrounded by greatness, and they only need to search within to find it.

Lead artist, Tumininu Ayobami Gbebire, was inspired by our colourful culture and rich landscape. She explains, “Nigeria’s culture is rich, yet underrepresented. Historical creative symbols like the Ife Bronze heads, Adire dye pits and Benin Ivory heads, all represent the labours of our hero’s past and are treasures which should be revered”.

Take a visit to the Maryland tunnel and you will sight the familiar faces of our founding fathers’ Chief. Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe and Sir. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, whose steps we now walk in.

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Alongside this powerful mural is a documentary that details the journey from conception to completion. It shows how the extraordinary is built on creativity, community and a shared purpose. It further highlights the “Keep Walking” philosophy, which emboldens people to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams.

Click the link here to watch the documentary. To all creatives, Keep Walking and stay connected to @johnniewalkerng for more updates and information.

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