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New EP: Jon Kore – Journey: Dreamer

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Introducing Oghenemega Dedeku Peter, who goes by the stage name Jon Kore. Hailing from Delta, Nigeria, this singer-songwriter combines Afrobeats, dancehall, and alternative music to create his unique sound. His latest release, “Journey: Dreamer,” takes listeners on an emotional adventure, showcasing his passion for the Nigerian music industry.

In this EP, Jon Kore shares the story of a young man who dreams of revolutionising the Afro-genre. With heartfelt ballads and infectious beats, his music resonates with listeners, leaving a lasting impression. “Journey: Dreamer” also celebrates Jon Kore’s admiration for women and his personal experiences with them.

The project houses six tracks titled “Tiktak,” “Lovette,” “Sinner,” “Tension,” “Real Lovinn,” and “Good Times in Eko.” It’s worth noting that Jon Kore himself handled the mastering and engineering of these tracks.

Listen to the EP below:

Stream here.

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