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A Dream Fulfilled: TEDxBauchi comes to Life

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The maiden TEDxBauchi conference initiated the commencement of an annual tradition. Organized by a team of dedicated volunteers, TEDxBauchi stood as a self-driven occasion aimed at advancing positive transformation within their community, echoing the TEDx Global commitment to disseminating Ideas Worth Sharing. TEDx is a global platform dedicated to the power of ideas to change our societies.

TEDxBauchi is committed to creating an environment where topical conversations can be explored in a constructive manner, leading to specific calls to action. Bauchi is a land of promise and home to commerce, tourism, entertainment, technology, and innovations and, in many respects.  

The event welcomed an intimate gathering of 800+ attendees that aims at fostering learning, inspiring action and promoting ideas for a better Nigeria.  The theme of the event, ‘Changing the Narrative’, represents a call to ‘be more and do more’.

It is a call to explore how to shift perspectives and alter preconceived notions to create a new and more positive story. It invites participants to challenge the status quo, think critically, and look beyond surface-level issues to create a new narrative that is inclusive, innovative, and progressive.

The event on August 19, 2023, saw the participation of notable speakers, including;
Eugenia Abu accomplished Broadcast Journalist and CEO of Eugenia Abu Media Team;
Ahmed Isah, visionary Founder and CEO of Human Rights Radio and Television;
Aisha Ali-Gombe, respected Associate Professor at Louisiana State University;
Dr. Saied Tafida, National Coordinator, Public Finance for SDGs, UNDP. Others include
Hammed Kayode Alabi, Coordinator of Refugee Education, UK
Jamila Idris, CEO Milaris Consult and
Ayuba Dauda Katagum, CEO Doxxie Global Solutions.

The Event started with a light breakfast after which attendees settled to listen to the first speaker, Dr Saied Tafida. As an SDG advocate, he believes every sector with a solid sustainability plan could stand the test of time.

While Aisha Ali-Gombe, the 2nd TEDx Bauchi Speaker, opened the minds of the audience on how big steps required big sacrifices, Eugenia Abu with her rope, could demonstrate that living for oneself alone had no meaning. In her words,

It is the relationships you build and the people whose narrative you change that make you who you are.

With her sturdy entrepreneurial experience, Jamila Idris conveyed that success is not a lonely path at the top, defying popular notions. Ummusalma Angale, a poet and expressive performer, described the relevance of ‘Changing the Narrative’.

King Bawa, in his segment, articulated how societal stereotypes had eaten the free will of people and instilled fear in them of which his song, ‘I am North’ was a liberation from that mindset.

In the words of the Ordinary President, Ahmed Isah, he says;

I am ordinary, the only thing that is extraordinary is what God has been using me to do in the lives of people and therefore encouraged that young people embrace social justice.

Ayuba Dauda through his business experience addressed the audience on how building social relationships helped in building relevance as well as getting the job done.

TEDx Bauchi saw an impressive turnout of over 800 registered participants, attracting participants from diverse age groups and leading to the event hall reaching its maximum seating capacity.

With more on the horizon, the narratives of leadership and innovative thinking stand ready to embrace a fresh surge of energy, as TEDx Bauchi remains steadfast in its promise to foster ongoing interactions among like-minded individuals, bringing new dimensions to the conversation.

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