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ProvidusBank Unveils REGAL to Celebrate Women’s Power and Resilience

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“REGAL” by ProvidusBank is a commitment to recognising the invaluable role women play in shaping the economy. This product promises to offer comprehensive support to women entrepreneurs, opening doors to capital, knowledge, training, mentorship, and markets.

The “REGAL” launch event was to show the power and resilience of women.

On Friday, September 15, 2023, at the Sky Restaurant, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, “REGAL” by ProvidusBank was introduced with a promise to bring women entrepreneurs one step closer to financial freedom.  “REGAL” by ProvidusBank is a banking product that celebrates women, their achievements, aspirations, joy, lifestyle, and power.

Under the theme A Changing Tide, the event was graced by stunning attendees who came to witness the unveiling of “REGAL” and its potential to empower women in modern Nigerian society.

The evening commenced with an engaging introduction by the remarkable host, Ifedayo Agoro, the founder and creative director of DANG Network, popularly known as @diaryofanaijagirl.

She eloquently presented the product and underscored its impact on the modern woman, with a special emphasis on two key features: access to loans for women and mentorships.

Walter Akpani, the Managing Director and CEO of ProvidusBank took the stage to deliver a warm welcome address to the esteemed guests. He emphasised ProvidusBank’s commitment to providing women with a robust support system to help them reach their highest potential. Akpani assured the audience that “REGAL” would empower women to create value and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Dr Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, the First Lady of Lagos State, expressed her appreciation for ProvidusBank’s efforts in creating a reliable space for women in Nigeria. She also acknowledged the profound impact of Dame Winnie Akpani’s speech, which had shifted her perspective, and commended the initiative’s potential to uplift women across the nation.

H.E Bamidele Abiodun, the First Lady of Ogun State, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the invitation and revealed her enthusiasm for the initiative. She proclaimed herself a staunch supporter and emphasised her eagerness to witness the product fulfil its purpose.

Winnie Akpani, the Managing Director and CEO of Northwest Petroleum Oil and Gas Company Ltd. delivered a powerful keynote address that resonated with every woman in attendance. She spoke passionately about entrepreneurship and encouraged women to take control of their futures, emphasising that there is always a bigger picture to aspire to.  Winnie Akpani quoted,

“Where women work, economies grow,”

This left the audience inspired and motivated.

The event transitioned into an insightful Fireside Chat session focusing on essential considerations when launching a business. Panelists stressed the importance of a well-structured business and encouraged attendees to take their entrepreneurial endeavours seriously.

They urged women to have confidence in themselves and their business ideas while emphasising the necessity of identifying a target market.

Bimbo Alashe, CEO of Leather World, shared her testimonial about her experience with ProvidusBank, highlighting the simplicity of accessing a loan. Her story resonated with many, demonstrating how “REGAL by ProvidusBank” can transform the trajectory of women entrepreneurs.

Yinka Davies captivated the audience with an exceptional musical performance, adding a delightful touch of artistry to the evening.

The Unveiling of “REGAL”

The culmination of the event was the grand unveiling of “REGAL” by ProvidusBank. It was a moment that symbolised the bank’s dedication to empowering women. The evening concluded with a networking session and a commemorative photography session, allowing women to connect, share experiences, and strengthen their bonds.

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