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Tresses Lagos: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair Care for African Women

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Hair care is an intrinsic part of self-care. Tresses Lagos offers a variety of services that are designed to bring ease to hair care. with a team of experts to take care of everything from washing and conditioning to styling and colouring, so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Science-led hair care is based on the understanding of the structure and properties of hair. This type of hair care can help African women to protect their hair from damage and to maintain healthy hair even when they switch from one style to another.

At Tresses Lagos, trichology consultations are offered to help our clients understand the condition of their hair and scalp and to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Tresses Lagos’ go-to treatment for first-time visitors is the Hair Detoxification Treatment. This four-step treatment removes minerals and residue from hair extensions, Lagos water, the environment, and other sources. This treatment opens up the hair cuticles by using a combination of heat and steam.

Tresses Lagos can layer any of its restorative treatments, such as the Pure Moisture or Silk Strengthening Treatment, or any of its advanced treatments, such as the Maleic Acid, Amino Acid, Moisture SOS, Niacin Age-Defying, Hydra Life, Keratin Treatment, and more, over the Hair Detoxification Treatment.

People suffer from scalp irritations. Tresses Lagos offers scalp scrub, chemical scalp exfoliation, and scalp anti-microbial treatments to help nurture a healthy scalp environment for quality hair growth

Another innovative approach employed is using DHT Blockers, Laser Light Therapy, Derma Rollers and Micro-Needling to address severe hair loss concerns. 

Tresses Lagos’ hair spa aims to create a wellness experience for the hair, scalp, mind, and body. This is so that clients can experience their hair as a joy to engage with and delight in.

Tresses Lagos is hosting a webinar on September 21st to discuss the basics of healthy hair, hair and scalp care treatments, and how the Tresses Lagos approach can work for you. Sign up now to secure your spot for this empowering experience!

For assistance with your hair care journey, reach out to Tresses Lagos:

Address: 67 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone: 0818 682 4547
Instagram: @tresseslagos

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