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What to Wear to Lagos Fashion Week 2023 – You’re Welcome!

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Lagos Fashion Week is back with a bang! This year’s edition is gearing up to be the biggest and most exhilarating yet. Mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the fashion extravaganza, starting from Wednesday, October 25th and stretching all the way to Sunday, October 29th. With the theme “Standing The Test of Time,” the excitement is building, and we can’t wait to witness it all unfold.

As you prepare to attend Lagos Fashion Week, it’s important to remember that this event isn’t just a one-day affair. It’s a week-long marathon of style, creativity, and inspiration. Dressing up for such an event requires careful planning to ensure you look your best while comfortably navigating your busy schedule.

The key to a successful LFW wardrobe is to strike a balance between style, adaptability, and statement pieces. This approach will allow you to effortlessly transition from one event to another and keep up with the demanding pace of the fashion world.

Our fashion-savvy editors have curated a selection of wardrobe ideas to serve as your ultimate style guide for Lagos Fashion Week. Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or a newcomer to the scene, these outfit inspirations will help you make a lasting impression and enjoy every moment of this incredible event. So, get ready to slay the fashion game as Lagos Fashion Week unfolds!

Sport Lively Hues!

Stepping into Lagos Fashion Week with a striking burst of vivid colours ensures an unforgettable entrance.

Playful Pattern Designs

Incorporating playful pattern designs is a fantastic way to display your unique and fun personal style. Whether mixing and matching or going for a single playful pattern, you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Statement Accessories

Earrings, rings, bags, and hair accessories are all key components of Lagos street style. For this season’s fashion week, go for big and attention-grabbing accessories, especially oversized ones.

Denim on Denim

You can’t go wrong with the famous Canadian tuxedo. From layered head-to-toe denim jackets, skirts, and pants to more simplistic belted dresses, choose denim pieces that are both stylish and unique.

Unstuffy Suits

Oversized, unstuffy suits have been a street style must-have at Fashion Week for several seasons. They come in various styles, from loose, relaxed fits in neutral colours to bold, tailored plaids.

Explore a Spectrum of Colours with Your Outfit

Why stick to just one colour when you can embrace a vibrant spectrum? Creating an ensemble with various hues is not only visually appealing but also a choice that resonates with maximalist fashion enthusiasts.

Choose a Monochromatic Look

When in uncertainty, opt for an all-white, all-black, or entirely brown outfit. It’s simple and eternally stylish!

Combine Comfort and Versatility

Rather than platform shoes this season, go for a pair of ultra-stylish sneakers or mules. Your feet will thank you.


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