All Roads Lead to Port Harcourt for the Launch of Clothes Rac

Move over Lagos and Abuja, Port Harcourt is giving you a run for your money!

If Duncan Mighty’s ‘Port Harcourt Boy’ made you want to fly over to Port Harcourt, then these pictures will make you crave a visit to Clothes Rac, PH City’s newest upscale boutique, as your first stop.

Yinebi Dike

On Saturday 30th July 2011, all roads led to 73 Evo Road, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, where the long-awaited unveiling of the exclusive Clothes Rac boutique took place in grand style. The event brought together the fashion-conscious from various locations across Nigeria and the rest of the globe – from London to Paris, from Abuja to Lagos.

There was a special red carpet arrival covered by Thisday Style, and guests were welcomed with a variety of exotic cocktails and complimentary hor d’oeuvres. It was a chance to shop from an exclusive range of unisex clothing and accessories by designers such as Phillip Plein, Angelo Galasso, Billionaire, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Rock & Republic and Bebe. Also available were unique dresses by Max Azria (Herve Leger, BCBG), exclusive perfumes by Clive Christian, Bond No. 09 and Tom Ford, plus fabulous shoes by Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin and lots more.

Guests spotted at the event include Chief Gordon Bozimo, Chairman of The Agricultural Bank of Nigeria, Hon. Ogola, Bayelsa State Commissioner for Finance, Kenebi Okoko, CEO of KDI Oil & Gas Limited, Obelema Isokariari, Managing Director of OKI Construction.

Red Carpet & Arrivals:

Yinebi Dike

Vivian Owo and Friend

Layefa Bozimo & Mimi Ngochindo

Chisa Wokekoro

Ayi Bozimo

Emma Wokekoro, Ijeoma Nwankwo, Ibiere Offeh

Chidinma Asu

Layefa Bozimo

Tonbra Bozimo

Tombra Debekeme

Nkechi Adiukwu

Binaebi Bozimo

Bibobra Bozimo

Timi Bozimo & Friend

Daye Horsfall

Mr & Mrs Ibinabo Marshall-Harry

Yinebi Dike, Tonbra Bozimo

Tari Memberr

Nma Asu

Tombra Debekeme

Layefa Bozimo

Nkechi Adiukwu

Tonbra Bozimo, April, Yinebi Dike

Binaebi Bozimo


Nma Asu, Binaebi Bozimo, Nkechi Adiukwu, Layefa Bozimo, Chisa Wokekoro

Thelma Iroh, Tonbra Bozimo, Binaebi Bozimo, Chidinma Asu, Layefa Bozimo

Daye Horsfall, Yinebi Dike, Hon Aye Pepple


Chief Gordon Bozimo, Yinebi Dike, Tari Bozimo

Sonia Adele

Vivian Owo & Friend

Rita Lawson, Yinebi Dike

Anwuri Chinda

Tunde Tasie-Amadi

Rita Lawson & Friend

Yinebi Dike, Layefa Bozimo

Chisa Wokekoro, Layefa Bozimo

Nma Asu, Anwuri Chinda

Eddie Okoli, Latasha Ngwube

Francisca Sambo

Austin Ogbaide

Dominic Nwator

Leslie Atake, Layefa Bozimo

April Anderson

Mr & Mrs Obelema Isokariari

Daye Horsfall, Chuka Azuh & Friend

Barr & Barr (Mrs) Tunde Tasie-Amadi

Kingsley Ita

April Anderson, Eddie Okoli

Mr & Dr Bode Ayo

Chinazo Nnabalu & Anwuri Chinda

Moses Ebite, Mr Davids

Tonbra Bozimo, Aig Imhoukhede, Yinebi Dike

Latasha Ngwube, Nkechi Adiukwu

Timi Frank

Mr & Mrs Obelema Isokariari & April Anderson

Leslie Atake, Daye Horsfall, Obelema Isokariari

Mr Davids

Belema Dikibo

Yinebi Dike

Chuka Azuh

Alhaji Nasiru Danu

Esther Ochiaga, Yinebi Dike

Chuks Iroche, Yinebi Dike, David Sikpa

Joy Berezi, Barr. & Mrs Fafa

Leslie Atake

Charles Kalu

Thelma Iroh, George Amangala

Chief & Mrs Gordon Bozimo, Ayi Bozimo

April Anderson, George Amangala, Leslie Atake

George Amangala, Adokiye Ikpoki

Megan Bozimo, Esther Ochiaga, Yinebi Dike

Yinebi Dike, Adaora, Chichi & Friends

Alhaji Nasiru Danu

Upe Isokariari, Yinebi Dike

Bode Ayo, Austin Ogbaide, Alhaji Nasiru Danu, Dominic Nwator

Chief & Mrs Gordon Bozimo

Christine Okparaki

Tombra Debekeme

Upe Isokariari

Chuka Azuh, Lilian Njoku, Latasha Ngwube & Bibobra Bozimo

Chuka Azuh, Obelema Isokariari & Tunde Amadi

Francisca Sambo

Emmanuel Georgewill, Tonbra Bozimo

Chuka Azuh, Nkechi Adiukwu, Aig Imhoukhede


Nma Asu, Keniebi Okoko, Adokiye Ikpoki & Friend

Chinwe Ikpoki, Keniebi Okoko

Alhaji Nasiru Danu, Keniebi Okoko

Tunde Tasie-Amadi, Keniebi Okoko, Bode Ayo

Clothes Rac:

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