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TY Bello celebrates Mama Ekundayo in new Music Video

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Mama Ekundayo

Mama Ekundayo

TY Bello‘s new video is more than a visual representation of her song ‘Ekundayo’. It is a much more than that. It tells the story of Mama Ekundayo. The story is best told in TY’s words.

“Hello everyone! The Ekundayo video is finally done and has now been released. I’ve just recently posted to youtube (search for Ekundayo video and Ekundayo behind the video). I apologise to everyone for being a little quiet this year.this project has taken eight months to complete and I’m so grateful to God its finally done. it was directed by myself and also by two of the most creative people i know. Kemi Adetiba and Abbey Olayinka. We all put our blood and sweat into this and we hope it inspires us all to go out there and make a difference in the state of our orphanages.

I promise that even the strongest of you will break down and cry when you see what is going on in our orphanages.We all (even i used to)think it was the sole responsibility of the government to care for our abandoned children. the problem of child abandonment in Nigeria concerns us all. and its unfortunate that most of the people who have the heart and are willing to devote their time do not have the proper structure and finance to do so.It even more unfortunate for the children. As said in the video, less than 2% of the children who make it into the orphanages are adopted. a lot of these adoptions by foreigners. i have nothing against people adopting children internationally but i believe the number of children adopted from Nigerian orphanages by Nigerians are is way too low.

Madam Ekundayo , from Isanlu Makutu in Kogi state is the star of this video. shes shown us how you can do so much with so little. there are countless examples of people like her out there . i hope the videos inspire us to help make their work easier or at least spread the word as much as we can. so happy viewing everyone and for more information on orphanages in Nigeria please visit and the UNICEF website. you can also get information from the Ministry of Women Affairs and child welfare”

Wow! Truly inspirational!

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