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Good or Bad News? Tanzanian Ida Ljungqvist Named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year

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playboy-tanzaniaJust about everyone knows what Playboy is. Even if you have never browsed through a copy of the adult magazine, you might be familiar with the ubiquitous Playboy bunny logo or perhaps you might have caught a quick glimpse of Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends on E! Channel’s The Girls Next Door. Anyway, Playboy just hit a little bit closer to home. This month, Playboy named their 2009 Playmate of the Year and she is an AFRICAN girl! Ida Ljungqvist was born in Tanzania to a Tanzanian mother and a Swedish father. Due to her father’s work for UNICEF, Ida traveled extensively while growing up. She has lived in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, USA, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, France, U.K, Sweden and Denmark.  She is fluent in several languages including English, Swedish and Swahili.

With that profile, the conventional ‘African way’ would have been for Ida to get a degree, start a career then settle down. Well, only part of that went according to the script. Ida did get a degree – in fashion design and marketing then proceeded to work with clothing retailer Bebe. It was at a Bebe store that she was discovered and began her Playboy career…

Ida is the 1st African woman to be named Playmate of the Year. Now to the question, is this Good or Bad News?

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