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Instantly He Knew…She Is The One: Temi Raji & Toni Dawodu Wed



Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija010Royal colours of purple and gold were chosen to mark this special day as Toni Dawodu and Temi Raji tied the knot. The couple ‘officially’ met about 5 years ago through the groom’s cousin but in the eyes of the groom, he knew she was the one even before then. He had spotted her previously and was thoroughly convinced  that she was his wife to be! He then continuously pestered his cousin for her number and as you can see from these photos. He was indeed right!
In May 2009, the couple got married – Their engagement was held in Lagos while the wedding was at Ansarudeen Mosque in Abeokuta – Ogun State. Followed by a fun-filled reception at Abeokuta Sports Club with King Sunny Ade thrilling wedding guests both young and old. Congrats to Toni and Temi – wishing them all the very best in life and in love!
Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija001Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija002Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija003Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija004Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija005Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija006Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija009Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija008Toni & Temi Dawodu Wedding Bella Naija007
The Traditional Engagement
Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija001Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija002Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija003Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija004Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija005Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija006Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija007Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija008Toni & Temi Dawodu Engagment Bella Naija009


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