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AMBO 5 Finale Tonight! Who Wins The Coveted Prize?



Its been a sensational few weeks at the Amstel Malta Box Office 5 House. There have been challenges, training, lots of fun and of course – eliminations.
We introduced you to the AMBO 5 Housemates a few weeks ago – HERE.
Now we are announcing the Final 3: Ivie Okujaye, Shade Olowu and Ovie Atori.
Tonight during an exciting event, we are going to find out the winner at the finale which will be held at the Muson Centre in Lagos.
See below for the details on previous evictions and how the Top 3 made it to this point.
AMBO Top 3 Poster
First Eviction
The first three people on eviction list were Ivie Okujaye, Tunde Balogun, and Paul Otoibhi. Tunde Balogun, the housemate with the lowest score was evicted.
The audience will not vote for their favorite housemates until the final three, as eviction is not based on each contestant’s popularity but on interpretation of roles, team playing, diction, ability to learn fast, and ability to take corrections.
Everyday housemates are given two tasks and with the help of the coach they rehearse and perform their tasks while the judges watch them perform .The judges are Tina Mba, Femi Branch and Femi Brainard
The three house judges decide which housemate(s) will be evicted based on their performance. Eviction is based on interpretation of roles, team playing, diction, ability to learn fast, and ability to take corrections.
Family and friends were on ground to support him.

Second Eviction
Those up for eviction were Ivie Okujaye, Paul Otoibhi and George Chukwuocha. Paul Otibhi became the second evictee.

Third Eviction

For the third eviction, two housemates were to leave the AMBO House.
Those up for eviction were Toluwani Awopetu, Emmanuella Njobi, George Chukwuocha and Henry Amaefula. At the end Henry Amaefula and Emmanuella Njobi were evicted.

Fourth Eviction

Toluwani Awopetu, Ezenwanyi Oleka and Ovie Atori were up for eviction.
Ezenwanyi Oleka was evicted

Fifth Eviction

After the past four evictions, the following Housemates were left in the house: Ivie Okujaye, George Chukwuocha, Ovie Atori, Shade Olowu and Toluwani Awopetu.The five of them were all up for eviction and at the end of the day, Toluwani Awopetu and George Chukwuocha were both evicted from the house.


  1. lalacious

    December 6, 2009 at 2:46 am

    i just discover u guys i can see u are 1 dafull, pls update me more

  2. wienna

    December 6, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    None of them look like they have that ‘star quality’ about them, like the previous winners. But then i haven’t been watching cos AIT no dey show the programme in the UK anymore.

  3. az in...

    December 7, 2009 at 4:05 am

    who won? who won??

  4. Habeeb

    December 7, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    The contestants never ooze much star quality until after they win and they are being schooled and all that. I felt either Shade or Ovie should have won cos that Ivie girl (who eventually won) isnt believable as an actress, she is fluent but anytime she is acting, its as though she is just reading out her lines, no depth, no delivery. I wonder how she would turn out in their block buster movie. Anyways good luck to her, am not a kill joy but i cant just understand how someone who is unconvincing can be tagged “the next tv star”. What? Her audition was even laughable. It just looked like a nursery drama.

    Sade had the looks, was versatile and had a great sense of humour,

    Ovie seemed well grounded, could hold his own, wasnt much in the looks department but had potential.

    Ivie to me was just a pretty face who could speak well.

    Too bad!

  5. antoine

    January 31, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    habeeb stop hating on ivie. you are probably not a better actor.

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