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Passionate, Powerful & Wise Beyond Her Years – Nneka Shares Her Story on CNN African Voices

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Nneka Egbuna was recently profiled and interviewed on CNN’s African Voices and we are totally floored! Nneka has this passionate way of communicating her story and views on Nigeria that just makes it must watch TV. You can tell that Nneka skipped the media training classes her record company might have tried to send her on – and we totally love it! No PR tripe, just real talk, straight from the heart.

She talked about her harsh upbringing in Nigeria (Born to a Nigerian father and German mother, Nneka grew up in her hometown of Warri, Nigeria, before leaving at the age of 19 to study in Germany), her journey from Nigeria to Germany and that experience raised her consciousness and awareness of the issues in Nigeria. In her words, “The period of time that I spent in Germany educated me a lot about being Nigerian. Before, I never really was that conscious of my surrounding, of our politics. I knew that there was something going on, but I never really felt responsible,” said Nneka.

Nneka is currently on tour in the US and will be appearing in American Vogue later this year!

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