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Joan Rivers Jokes about Missing Chibok Girls

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Joan Rivers - June 2014 - 03
When is comedy too much?

Recently, comedian/TV host Ellen DeGeneres made headlines about a tweet concerning Ghana, after the match against the US at the World Cup. For more details, read it here

Giulian Rancic, Kelly Osbourne & Zanna

Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne & Zanna Roberts Rassi

On E!’s Fashion Police, host Joan Rivers often jokes about celebs as well as trending headlines across the world.

While speaking on Angelina Jolie‘s spooky Christian Louboutin shoes, she spoke about the missing Chibok girls.

Joan Rivers - June 2014 - 01

Here’s what she said;

“She looks amazing. And the story behind this, with the shoes and the dress, she did not get to that photo call till the last minute, because she was so worried about those 200 kidnapped Nigerian girls, because she had already made down payment on six of them.”

Joan was making reference to the fact the actress has adopted children from different countries.

The Youtube video is unavailable for viewing in Nigeria, but here is the link to the video.

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