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Meet Nigeria’s Women of Vision at Tiffany Amber in Partnership with Diamond Woman

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In November 1998, Folake Coker launched Tiffany Amber Nigeria Limited, the first ready-to-wear label in Nigeria, revolutionizing Nigerian fashion and paving the way for the industry we know and love today. Fast forward 15 years and what you have is a luxurious lifestyle brand that transcends the whole of Africa with outstanding global recognition. To celebrate this monumental occasion, The 15th anniversary celebrations kick off in October with the unveiling of the Tiffany Amber,  Meet Nigerias Women of Vision campaign, in perfect partnership with Diamond Woman – an initiative by Diamond Bank, designed specifically for women, by women, providing women with financial, business and lifestyle advice, helping them to achieve their aspirations.

The campaign features 15 women between the ages of 18-60, showing Tiffany Amber’s multigenerational following. These women have and still are making a mark in their relative fields.

The campaign was officially launched on Saturday, October 11, 2014. Meet the Inspiring Women of Vision:

Adenike Ogunlesi (Founder, Ruff & Tumble)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
Young women always need role models and if we can in the context of our society find women who stand out, who have made a success of whatever it is that they are doing, then I think it is worth doing. It is about time, that Nigerian women are celebrated, are given a pat on the back for all their efforts and the things we are able to do.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
The Tiffany Amber brand captures the essence of the Nigerian woman, the Nigerian woman that is focused, the Nigerian woman that is dynamic, the Nigerian woman that wants success, the Nigerian woman that is not afraid to follow her dreams, whatever it is, at any given time and be the best she can be regardless of whether she is a woman. It is about her performance, what she is able to do, what she brings to the table. The brand captures the strength of the focused Nigerian woman.

Adesuwa Onyenokwe (Publisher, TW Lifestyle Magazine & Host, Seriously Speaking TV Show)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
Tiffany Amber recognizing leading lights, people whose stories will inspire others, to be proud and be better at being women.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
It is feminine without being in your face, it is classic.

Cuppy Otedola (DJ by Night, Student by Day)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
I think it is great because it gives women the opportunity to get their stories heard and also for women to come together to empower ourselves and continue to be inspirations to not only women, but also men.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
From a young age, Tiffany Amber has been a brand that has always had a lot of influence in the Nigerian Fashion Industry, even before I could pick my own clothes, I would see her designs, hear of her stores, and I remember going to her stores and being inspired by it. Seeing all these beautiful designs and overtime we have seen the brand grow and really cement itself in the industry and I definitely think a lot of fashion houses have taken that as a blueprint and Tiffany Amber always has and is at the forefront of the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

Eku Edewor (Actress & Media Personality)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
It is very inspiring and educative. Being in the midst of these women, hearing their stories, has been an educative experience and I hope it would be for others.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
I have always seen the Tiffany Amber brand as pieces that are easy to wear, that are effortless and also very elegant. I have always been familiar with Tiffany Amber pieces because my mum has worn them, and subsequently, I have worn them and one thing I always notice about her work is that it is a classic, it is something that you do not have to think very hard about pulling off and it is very flattering for women regardless of shape. It is an every woman type of brand.

Funke Opeke (Founder & CEO of MainOne Cable Company)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
 It is wonderful to have an initiative that promotes women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship which is very welcome in our society, which is particularly challenged with unemployment, showing women coming along that they can also make it happen.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Glamour. But it also represents what a woman can do. There is a hardworking woman, whose vision is being realized and is putting her brand on the map, putting Nigeria on the map. It signifies accomplishment; it is a brand that I am proud to be affiliated with and proud to be part of their campaign.

Ifeyinwa Ighodalo (Founder & Chief Executive, DO.II Designs)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
I have owned and run my business for as long as I can remember and I have mentored so many young women, who have gone on to start their own businesses, so I am happy about this initiative because it is encouraging young women and realizing the potential in women generally.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Tiffany Amber is a long-standing lifestyle brand; with Tiffany Amber I can find clothes to work, to lounge in, to travel, it’s a one–stop-shop. It’s Creative Director, Folake Coker works tirelessly; she has managed to be creative, be an entrepreneur and to really create a strong brand.

Maryam Augie (Executive Director, AYAHAY Foundation)
maryam augie

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
I think it is a brilliant initiative and it is very inspirational.  All women chosen come from different backgrounds and through this process we have been able to learn something from one another, which makes it very inspiring. I am very inspired by all the women of vision; there is a lot to learn from them as businesswomen, as mothers, as entrepreneurs and as Nigerian women most especially.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Definitely one of the top brands in Nigeria. I think a lot of women should champion what its Creative Director, Folake Coker is doing, because she is unique in her own sense, she is different from the rest and has her own niche which cuts across different ages and sizes. It does not matter where you are from, what you look like, you would surely look glamorous in Tiffany Amber. The brand champions the industry.

Ola Orekunrin (Medical Physician, Managing Director, Flying Doctors, Nigeria)
Dr. Orekunrin

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
It is about empowering women and helping to build powerful, confident women. The brand Tiffany Amber is about powerful women, dressing women in a way that is glamorous, classic, and timeless but is also extremely powerful and beautiful. I think that when you are wearing nice clothing, it gives women a lot of confidence and I think that is one of the challenges that African women face, it is not a crisis of ability, as young girls perform just as well as young boys but when we get to the workplace, we start to suffer this crisis of confidence and I think that the things that we wear, the things that we associate with, the brands that we associate it, do a lot to build that confidence.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Glamorous and Timeless.  Tiffany Amber pieces could have been worn five years ago and could be worn five year from now. The timeless style is something I really admire about the brand.

Olajumoke Oduwole (Lecturer in the Faculty of Law of University of Lagos, Nigeria)
Dr. Oduwole

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
I think it is extremely important to inspire Nigerian women; Nigerian women are fantastic but probably the only people that do not know how fantastic they are! I think Nigerian women are not celebrated enough, African women generally, and it is time to really blow us out of this world, and let us really realize in all facets of life just how important our role really is in society.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Tiffany Amber signifies a new Nigeria; that a young girl can decide that this is what she wants to do and to build it all the way up to a world-renowned brand in 15 short years; it inspires me, it gives me hope, and it shows the power of vision, hard work and drive. Every time I see someone in Tiffany Amber or a Tiffany Amber show, I never get tired of it; every landmark occasion in my life has been in a Tiffany Amber outfit because I love what the brand signifies.

Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi (International Fashion Model, Producer, Africa’s Next Top Model)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative 
I think it is a great initiative. Women should be supported and empowered.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
To Blossom. Tiffany Amber pieces make you feel like a woman, they make you come alive. Folake as the Creative Director thinks of the environment, of the women she is making her clothes for, which is great. Tiffany Amber pieces are easy to wear. I remember a few years ago, my husband who is a fashion designer in New York said to me if I had to invest in a brand I would invest in Tiffany Amber and when he said that, I was like he must understand something that I don’t because he is also a Fashion Designer.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde (Actress & Producer)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
It is an inspiring initiative. It shows the journey of Nigerian women is being followed and the struggles of Nigerian women and what Nigerian women are beginning to become in expressing their confidence, their style, their personality and their indigenous self, their career life, is being recognized. It is about celebrating the Nigerian woman through the Tiffany Amber brand and I think it is fabulous.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
I think the Tiffany Amber brand is strong, it is beautiful, it defines entertainment, and it defines progress. Tiffany Amber is known for style, if I am to sum up her brand into one word I would say elegance, it defines the African woman and what she should be, that’s what I admire about the brand and what it means to me.

Omoyemi Akerele (Creative Director & Founder, StyleHouse & Lagos Fashion & Design Week)

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
It is an amazing initiative. It gives women an opportunity to tell their stories. There are so many people doing extraordinary things in different spheres. It is exciting to be art of a project that is encouraging women to talk about what they do as part of a process in celebrating women.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
When I think Tiffany Amber, I think elegance, timelessness, demure and the woman behind the brand, who woke up one day and decided this is what I am going to do and I am going to do it my may. She has been able to persistently get people to understand that fashion is creative but without the commercial side of fashion, we are playing, for me, that is amazing. I use her as a point of reference constantly when working with designers and other people in the industry.  You have to figure out a way to turn that creativity into clothes that women can buy and that is what the Tiffany Amber brand has been able to do. For any woman to walk into Tiffany Amber and be able to walk out with a piece I call it magic, she calls it fashion!

 Peju Alatise (Mixed-media artist, Painter, Sculptor, and writer)
peju alatise
On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
Nigeria is a third world country, where being a woman is the most difficult thing you can be. Existing as female is difficult. To find an initiative that actually encourages a woman as a fore-bearer of something productive is actually commendable.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
I love Tiffany Amber. The very first filming I had, I went to buy one of their red dresses, the one with the puffy sleeves, and I think I have worn it to every interview. At a point, people were like “Peju this dress is too famous, you have to change it” so I went to get the yellow one. Folake, as the Creative Director of Tiffany Amber, is an artist, because you cannot create what she is creating without having that characteristic that is most pronounced in an artist. She thinks I am intense, I think she is super, super intense and it shows in what she creates.

Uche Majekodunmi (Executive Director, Newton & David Limited)
uche maje
On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
I think it will inspire the large female population; it is a wonderful and original initiative.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
Tiffany Amber remains the only brand that I could walk into their store and pick up a dress without having a prior fitting; if my size is there I throw it on, pick up and go. Tiffany Amber does a whole collection, it is thought through, it is original, and there is creativity.  Tiffany Amber pieces are comfortable, easy to wear, you can dress them up, and you can dress them down.  I love the feel, the fabric and the texture, I feel stylish in Tiffany Amber clothes.

 Uche Pedro (Founder & CEO,

On the Woman of Vision campaign initiative
For me, women are the foundation of our society. Any initiative that decides to support women is taking a step in the right direction. If we look within our African history or within our families, we see that a lot of women have been the propelling forces within the home, they have been the one to pay the school fees, to ensure that the family is in the right place and simultaneously, a lot of these women have also maintained enterprises. So yes we do see a lot of the glamorous women at the top of the career chain, but there are a lot of women, from the women in the market, to even the women who are stay at home moms who make an impact and I commend Tiffany Amber and Diamond Woman for taking this step.

What Tiffany Amber Means to Her
I look at Tiffany Amber a little bit differently from other people. When I was still a teenager, I saw the pictures from the first Tiffany Amber Fashion show and I thought – wow! While in today’s world we see a lot of fashion designers, at that time, Folake really broke the mould; she was a very young woman, she was fearless, she embraced her dream despite opposition from all corners and she did it with style, so for me, whenever I think Tiffany Amber, I think of that fearlessness and I think of that style.

The Women of Vision Campaign is in partnership with Diamond Woman.

Photography: Philip Trimnell Productions
Creative Director: Fauzi Fahm | Opinion Former
Make Up: Bimpe Onakoya for Maybelline NY
Hair: Dark and Lovely
Styling: Tiffany Amber Nigeria Team
Shoes by Florence H Boutique
Project Management: Ijeoma Ndekwu | RedrickPR
BellaNaija is a Media Partner with the Tiffany Amber Women of Vision campaign

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