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Winning! This Woman’s Resemblance to Rihanna is so Amazing that Companies Pay Her Thousands of Pounds to Endorse Their Products



Rihanna LookalikeThere is no downside to looking exactly like Rihanna – her fans approach you, freebies and some companies will even pay you thousands of Pounds to endorse their products.

That is the life that Andele Lara is living. Andele says she has landed over £13, 000 worth of clothing contracts in the past year alone.

There may be some downsides however as 22-year-old Andele Lara says that sometimes she gets followed by people who are convinced that she is Bajan singer, Rihanna.

Andere Lara

According to Andele, she is now committed to spending her life as a professional Rihanna lookalike.

She says, ‘The moment I step out anywhere, everyone starts staring and whispering before I get bombarded by strangers asking to take their photo with me. This happens every day – It doesn’t matter what I do. I can’t go twenty-four hours without hearing Rihanna’s name. I know I could happily give up my part-time job and studies to have a career as a Rihanna lookalike.’

Andele explains one of her mistaken-identity scenarios, ‘When I go on a night out, that’s when the attention is at its highest. Even my friends get annoyed by the number of people that come up to me. Men come up to me all the time, thinking I’m Rihanna and buying me drinks! They chat me up and try to get my number. I was at a club in Boston and Chris Brown was there. Because he was there, I guess everyone assumed I was Rihanna! I was casually walking around and all these star-struck people were holding their hand to their hearts backing away from me and staring. At first, I was confused but then I realised what was going on. In the end, I spent the whole night taking fun pictures with groups of people who had mistaken me for Rihanna.’

According to Daily Mail, as a result of the similarities, Andele has landed over £13,000 worth of clothing contracts in the last year and over 18,000 followers on Instagram.

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

Andele Lara

She says, ‘I’ve scored hair contracts as well as sneaker, mascara, hair accessories and apparel deals. I also get into clubs for free and I get a lot of free drinks too…I am grateful for my followers and I love the chance to give them advice. I get tons of fan-mail and messages from people… I know I could make a career of it. I’m pretty much a lookalike in my daily life now! But unfortunately I can’t sing though so I might have to take singing lessons!’

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


  1. jd

    November 25, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    omo! see opportunity!

  2. yvonne

    November 25, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Doesn’t look like rihanna to me

  3. Di

    November 25, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    🙁 Still not Rihanna and can never be Rihanna, just stay being Andele.

  4. @edDREAMZ

    November 25, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    I think she passes as rihanna look alike though…..

  5. baboushka

    November 25, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Andele that name sound South African

  6. Clo

    November 25, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    She barely resembles Rihanna but not enough to fool me..but she’s too fond of it I think. She resembles Damilola Adegbite even more than Rihanna…This is sorta ridiculous too

  7. baboushka

    November 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    Andele that name sounds South African

  8. ATL's finest

    November 25, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    She doesn’t sound like Rihanna, and she’s got not one tattoo so how can u mistake her for that??? Hope she doesn’t sue u for identity theft lol.

    • ruth

      November 26, 2014 at 12:30 pm

      really?? biko hw does ur brain work??? u can only sue someone for identity theft when they steal or assume your identity using, e.g your driver’s license,credit cards, birth certificates. you can’t sue someone for identity theft just cos they look like you.

      p.s i think she really looks like rihanna and if bn did not mention it, y’all would be fooled , especially with that black fringe wig and red lipstick, only when she starts talking you see the difference.

    • ATL's finest

      November 28, 2014 at 7:56 am

      Since your brain works fine.. Posing to be someone else & getting a lot of endorsement worth $$$$ is stealing ok so shoot yourself on the foot!!! Ride along to the Lagoon

  9. Dobzi

    November 25, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Really cute

  10. O

    November 25, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    Smh, how can people be so blind???

  11. handi

    November 25, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    woah…they really look alike!!…##a twin from another mother##

  12. Bella

    November 26, 2014 at 9:09 am

    And her own personality, life and being erased to play the part of being a fake Rihanna. I pity you sha!

  13. Rahama

    November 26, 2014 at 10:07 am

    She does look like Rihanna. I saw her once at that club at Hilton Paddington. Omo na him I think say I don jam Rihanna o. She does look like her in real life I swear

  14. nystyle

    November 27, 2014 at 5:41 am

    ATL finest fir where, u again!!!!!!OLODO! We’ve seen a lot of ur comments now and can conclude ur non educated self needs to shut up and take a seat. U hv reading and comprehension issues..they said she’s Rihanna look alike not sound alike hmmmmmm

    • ATL's finest

      November 28, 2014 at 9:38 am

      I’m glad U have seen my comments, that means, you have been keeping up with me; so job well done because I have never noticed your foolish self. Check your own brain before you call someone OLODO! Oh you meant to say “Rihanna’s look alike” not Rihanna look alike. Ok thank me later #comprehend# that..

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