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He’ll Only Date a Female Boxer if He’s Very Rich! Find Out the Responses to the Battabox Question on Relationships with Boxers



As the world still basks in the euphoria of the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, the Battabox team hones in on this theme for their recent interviews.

Primarily, Timothy Nofiu asks Nigerian men if they’ll date women in the boxing profession. To the women, he posed  a more general version of the question. One man said he wouldn’t marry a female boxer unless he was a ‘Big Boy’. Another woman alluded to the fact that marrying a boxer would mean the possibility of being beaten at home.

Hmm… we were wondering if this is the predominant thought amongst Nigerians about boxing as a profession.

Watch the video to find out some of the interesting responses he got:

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