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Take a Step Closer to your Dreams! Secure Career Opportunities in Spa Management through The Swiss Education Group



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“I woke up like this, I woke up like this…flawless”. The lines of the famous Beyoncé song; every time I hear the song, the picture of my Mum just comes to mind – I honestly think Beyoncé sang the song about her. Lol. Her skin is all so yummy. I constantly ask her how she got her beautiful skin and the response is always – “Babygirl, you need to treat your skin well.”

She enjoys going to the spa. She’s never missed her weekly routines. I was so curious and wanted to know what exactly happens there. I accompanied her to the spa one day and it was so beautiful and well organised. I think this was when my dream came to birth.

I knew what exactly I wanted to study in the university. I started following my mum because I needed to know how the whole business was put to place. Oh my God! I finally struck a gold mine. I overheard the spa owner telling one of her clients about the Swiss Hotel Management School. I went on Google and began researching. It was interesting to see a school that teaches Spa Management. I was finally going to achieve my dreams.

I remember all this as I pack my bags and get ready to go to Switzerland. My dreams would actually come through all thanks to the Swiss Education Group.

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