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MUSON Student Choir deliver a Stellar performance of Christmas Carols at Appreciation Concert for MTN Foundation



Christmas came early for guests at the MUSON Scholars’ Appreciation Concert for MTN Foundation, the social investment vehicle for the telecommunications giant, MTN.

The choir which was a composition of some of the students who are on scholarship, courtesy of MTN, to study music at MUSON School of Music had guests entertained with some of the sonorous Christmas carols, such as ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ by Christmas Krakau, ‘The First Nowell’ by David Willcocks, ‘Keresimesi O De’ by Aderemi Olajide and ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ by Arthur Warell.

IMG_7452Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7458Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7459Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

The Donors Appreciation Concert which entered its 10th edition this year was put together by the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON), to show appreciation to MTN Foundation for its sponsorship initiative in the last nine years.

There was also a wide array of of musical performances showcased at the concert, ranging from Vocal Ensemble, African Music Ensemble, Poetry, Opera, School band etc. by the students who have just completed the first year of their two-year scholarship from MTN Foundation.

IMG_7592Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaijaIMG_7571Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaijaIMG_7587Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaijaMarion Akpata, Director of MUSON School of Music, commended MTN Foundation for its nine years commitment to grooming the next generation of music scholars. “MUSON has grown under the care of MTN Foundation, and for this we are eternally grateful. In these nine years of your support, we have produced over 200 graduates who had benefitted from your generosity,” she said.

IMG_7588Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaijaResponding to the heartfelt appreciation, Dennis Okoro, Director of MTN Foundation thanked the Musical Society of Nigeria for giving MTN the opportunity to touch lives and to pave way for a beautiful Christmas celebration with the beautiful and melodious renditions which we have come to enjoyed.

IMG_7473Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7474Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

The MTNF/MUSON project commenced in 2006, when MUSON approached the Foundation to assist students with modest means, who might not be able to pay the fees needed to run the Diploma programme. In response, the Foundation surprised the institution by providing scholarships to all the students. To date, a total of over 200 students have graduated from the music school in a nine-year period. The graduands have gone ahead to prove their mettle in their chosen areas of specialization.

IMG_7481Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7482Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7493Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7501Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7514Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7516Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7526Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7534Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7537Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7539Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7540Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7541Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7551Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7552Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7557Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7563Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7582Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7594Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

IMG_7612Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

Muson Scholars 2015 BellaNaijaMuson Scholars 2015 BellaNaija

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