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Something NEW is about to Get Served…#TheRedPot



tasticWhen you see the colour Red; what comes to your mind? Love? Energy? Passion! Red is a very intense, very stimulating colour that represents physical needs and a will to survive.

There’s a Lady with a Red Pot. Who exactly is she, where’s she coming from, what does she have to offer? These and many more have been the thoughts in the hearts of the people.
Some say, she’s a cook selling pots, while others say she’s a showstopper. Better still, she might turn out to be your special lady for the ‘14th’ Well I say let’s seat back and watch. One thing I know is there’s a lot of suspense, surprises and give away from this “unknown lady with the red pot” at every hour and if I were you, I wouldn’t be MIA.

red_valYou can WIN amazing gifts and prizes from the 12th – 15th February, all you have to do is share a picture of something or someone you love in RED using the hashtag #RedValentine #TheRedPot

To participate and more follow;
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  1. tata

    February 12, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Okay….noted.. lady with the red pot we follow you.

  2. RichyGame

    February 13, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    At least they put the element of suspense here, if it was meant to be at the onset, I can’t say but still…

    From their LIB post, I navigated to their site and it took me like forever to identify the product or service which I’m supposing is the TASTIC pasta line… I’m not really sure.

    Let there be clarity biko…. the House of Lunettes campaign with Lillian Esoro ad images also lacked clarity of purpose (a critical factor in brand management) but I need not delve on that here, BN commenters were apt …

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