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elsas PRO launches in Abuja | Photos & Scoop from the Beauty Soiree – Jide of St. Ola, Mamza Beauty & More



elsas PRO CEO/Founder

elsas PRO CEO/Founder

BN Beauty brought you the scoop on Abuja-based beauty brand elsas PRO in February. The emerging beauty powerhouse dazzled with a melanin popping beauty campaign shoot – See Here.

elsas-PRO-Campaign-Shoot (14)elsas PRO has gone to great lengths in researching the market, developing brilliant products, while using finest materials, and in adherence to world standards.

Their products are tailored for the beautiful, classy, female, who is all about quality at its best, but is also sensitive to value. Uniquely, their products are also suited to women of all ethnic groups and are optimized for adaptability in all climatic conditions. Their product range covers skincare, facial, eyes, lip makeup, and top of the range makeup tools. It doesn’t end there; elsas PRO 100% human hair line offers premium Argentine quality hair, with an array of signature extensions and wigs.

Their promise embodies product quality, consistency, and a satisfaction that will be driven from the value realized by every elsas PRO product user.

elsas PRO is also about empowerment and socio economic development for everyone, this has caused its management to develop amazing distributorship packages that avail opportunities nationwide. interested distributors should contact elsas PRO via [email protected]

To view more products visit and follow @elsaspro on Instagram.


elsas PRO recently launched their flagship store in Abuja. Guests at the event included leading makeup artists Jide of St Ola and Fatima Mamza of Mamza Beauty.

Also on the guest list were Ije Nziru, Rita Nwachukwu, Ogochukwu Okeke, Efuru of House of Enoi, Hon. Mma Nzeribe Michael, friends from NLNG and many other special guests. The event MC was Gloria Nnam with PR by Justina Dika-Oha of Scratchlab PR.

Check out photos below.

Imagio_Photography_Elsas-1 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-2 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-3 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-4 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-5 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-6 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-9 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-10 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-12 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-13 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-14 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-15 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-17 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-18 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-19 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-20 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-21 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-24 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-25Imagio_Photography_Elsas-26Imagio_Photography_Elsas-33 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-35 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-39 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-41 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-42 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-44 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-45 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-47 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-49 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-52 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-53 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-55 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-56 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-57 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-59 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-63 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-73 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-77 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-85 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-88 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-89 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-91 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-94 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-98 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-100 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-101 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-103 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-104 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-105 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-107 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-109 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-112 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-115 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-116 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-118 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-119 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-122 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-124 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-126 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-129 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-130 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-131 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-132 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-135 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-139 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-141 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-149 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-151 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-156 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-160 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-162 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-164 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-165 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-166 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-170 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-171 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-174 Imagio_Photography_Elsas-175

To find out more about elsas PRO:
Instagram: elsaspro
Twitter: @elsaspro
Youtube: elsas PRO
email: [email protected]
Call: 080944444178
BB PIN: 5bfd0f3c

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  1. @edDREAMZ

    April 13, 2016 at 11:28 am

    For this hardship some places for naija look like this, nw i knw blame all the gals wey don leave me bcos i no get money and if i was there i must make sure say i chop everything though……. Is Dj lambo Lesbian bcos she hardly dresses in a female attire……

    • yinka

      April 15, 2016 at 9:39 am

      this is not dj lambo,this is her brother his name is jide

  2. Tosin

    April 13, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    now i need to eat. great foodie pictures.

  3. Ms Kunms

    April 13, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    Great pictures! Lover decor! Deliciously arranged treats! Go ELSAS PRO

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