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BN Beauty: Brows or Foundation First – What’s the Correct Order for Applying Makeup?



With all the makeup tutorials we’ve seen we can’t help but wonder, is there a correct order for applying makeup? Beauty gurus and vloggers each have their own way of doing things. Some start with the eyes (eyebrows and eyeshadow) and others start with the face. If you’re anything like us, when it comes to that morning-rush-makeup, it’s either bare faced or autopilot. But if you want to minimize smudging and mistakes in general, here’s a strategy-over-skills guide to putting on your makeup so it always looks (and stays) fresh.


1. Primer or Moisturiser 
Some people do both but did you know you could just pick one? Sometimes even the lightest lotion can make a primer less effective but not totally ineffective so make a choice based on what works best for your skin and makeup routine, test it out. Not sure of which to choose? If you have dry skin, opt for the moisturizer and skip the primer. If you have oily skin, go straight for the primer.

2. Eye Makeup
Start with your eyeshadow, liner and mascara – in that order. Between smoky shadows and inky liners, eye makeup tends to be very messy. By starting with this step, you can easily clean up any mistakes without disrupting the rest of your makeup later. First, lay down your shadow to add some dimension to your lids, and then define your eyes with liner. Save the mascara for last so you don’t get your lashes dusty with eyeshadow. (And if you do smudge you mascara, use a moisturised cotton bud to wipe the spot.)

3. Foundation, then Concealer
Even out you skin tone with a light layer of foundation. Afterward, apply concealer as needed. This way you’ll use less makeup overall, which will give you smoother coverage with less chance of it caking up or settling into fine lines later.

4. Hightlight, Contour/Bronzer followed by Blush
Bronzer is used to warm up your face and add definition with contouring, a highlighter gives you a fresh faced glow, whereas blush is used to add color just to your cheeks. Sweep highlighter on the high points of your face first (so your forehead, down the bridge of your nose and tops of cheekbones), use the bronzer below your cheekbones, on your jawline, on the sides of your nose and around your temple. Then apply your blush on your cheeks to balance out the tone.

5. Lips 
If you’re committing to a bold color, be sure to line your lips and fill them in with a pencil in a similar shade first. This will not only keep everything in the lines, but it will also help the color on your lips last longer.

6. Eyebrow pencil or gel
Let the rest of your makeup dictate how much (or how little) brow definition you need. If you’re rocking a more natural look, use a brow gel to smooth the hairs into place. If you’re glamming it up a bit, use a brow powder or pencil to fill them in.

Do you agree with these steps? What steps work best for you?

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  1. Sunmbo

    July 23, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    I dnt agree with d brow done last. If d brows are done last der wud most definitely b smudges wen u take pictures cos u won’t b able to perfectly blend in d concealer used to define d brows. D brows can only come last if u dnt intend to define dem using concealer. So for me I’d apply my primer, den du d brows, define dem den go for d eyeshadow eyeliner, den foundation highlights nd contour nd so on. Cheers

  2. Omosewa

    July 24, 2016 at 1:32 am

    Well, I will say “there are no hard and fast rules in makeup” There are definitely steps and processes to take but sometimes it’s better to work with what works best for you.
    I was at a Makeup conference where a top Makeup artist mentioned it should be face products and foundation first, no matter what, (which I tried to follow) but I found out it doesn’t work all the time because some eyeshadows will dust on the face while applying them, such that you’d have to clean out the primer and foundation already applied, then one has to clean the face and reapply, but why not save yourself the stress and do the eye products first, then you clean the face to remove the dirts and work on a clean canvas for your application?
    I am a professional Makeup Artist and you can see my videos here :


    July 24, 2016 at 8:56 pm

    To each his own. I refer moisurising, priming and eye makeup before foundation. By doing that, I’ll be able to clean up smudges .
    However, as a professional, I swing both ways depending on demand.


    July 24, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Prefer *
    Moisturising *

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