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Nigerian Army launches Operation “Ex Python Dance” for a crime-free “ember” months in South East



Nigerian Army Bella NaijaThe 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, Enugu on Monday launched operation crime-free ’ember’ months in the South East geo-political zone.

The Deputy Director of Army Public Relations in the division, Col. Sagir Musa, told newsmen in Awka that the prevalent security challenges during yuletide had made the operation imperative.

He said such crimes as armed robbery, kidnapping, abduction, herdsmen/farmers clashes, communal clashes and violent secessionist attacks, among others would be targeted during the operation from November 27 to December 27.

Musa said that the army and other security agencies would synergise and collaborate extensively in the exercise nicknamed “Ex Python Dance” in the five eastern states to achieve the desired objective.

He said that the chief of army staff had appraised the huge security challenges and scenarios across the country.

“Consequently, he directed the conduct of both command post and field training exercises as a way of enhancing troops’ preparedness across the country,” he said.

He said an elaborate civil-military cooperation line of operation had also been earmarked for the exercise.

“Nigerian Army corps and services will conduct activities such as medical outreach, repair of roads, schools and other infrastructure across the South East region,” Musa said.

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  1. Ita Ekpo

    December 13, 2016 at 2:24 am

    We should know that operation phyton is not attack for biafra indegences.but jet still it is by tricks. What operation is. When election will be conducted they are like thugs to APC. This are the army mean to cause havoc to the voters intimedation. Since APC knows that they can not win the south east. Is why operation phyton dance is ibeen introduced. Do you see that in the north .or south west. They have already planned on how to win election long for the south east. All this that happened is not hausa fulani but led by our blood brother been paid to saborteour biafra restoration. Which is not possible as when it was prophetcised not man ]rediction but by the father almighty. Either you belong or you stay clear to watch. Because if you are such mention indegence your reward will be no man made. My question is why are our people like to sabortage good of our people biafra to favour hausa fulani. The biafra war fought is the reason why it end in surrending. But not withstanding is food shortage give nigeria like if they have won. Let biafra indegences ask theirself.. Will hausa fulani sabortage their people to favour biafra. Whereby the youth will not deal with such indegence. Hausa fulani can not come to us if not our blood biafra brothers. Who like money than to free their people. What i am happy is that those generation who will keep to this world and their forth coming generation. Can not let those that will pass away but will not be there for their cry.

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