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Freedom Foundation presents Reflections – A Photography Exhibition designed to raise awareness for the Underprivileged



Caught in the Act! Banky W Loses Fortune to Become a Cart Pusher. Yes, that is indeed Mr. Capable though it isn’t real. But it could have been.

Freedom Foundation presents REFLECTIONS, a thought provoking photography exhibition by Kelechi Amadi-obi revealing renowned celebrities in ‘what if’ circumstances, had they not had the gift of opportunity or support.

REFLECTIONS is part of the ongoing #MYFREEDOM STORY campaign designed to bring more awareness to the underprivileged in our society such as the beggars, prostitutes, drug addicts and other less fortunate persons who require our assistance or support to make a transformation in their life.

All inspired by the Freedom Foundation, a faith based non-profit organization, they believe that everyone has the right to live freely, free from addictions, free from sex slavery, free from ignorance and free from poverty.

To find out how you can help or see more of this exhibition, visit or join the movement at #myfreedomstory today.

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