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See All the Fun Photos from the Exciting New Talk Show ‘Shade Corner’ Private Screening – Bolanle Olukanni, Denola Grey, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Chef Fregz & More Attend

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The Shady Bunch

If you missed it, the private viewing session for The Shade Corner which we have talked about in past posts, the brand new show from Accelerate TV held on Thursday the 9th of February. The show premiered on the Accelerate TV Youtube channel on Wednesday the 8th of February and is also available on

From our reckoning they had quite the party at the HQ, as the cast of Shade Corner (Akah Bants, Makida Moka, Bayo Oke-Lawal , Noble Ezeala and Camille Shayien) and some of their friends and family came by. Food, booze, great conversation and (of course) the maddest shade was served aplenty, as everyone came together to enjoy an exclusive screening of everyone’s new favorite show.

There were a number of special guests in the house including Bolanle ‘Bolinto’ Olukanni, Denola Grey, Lala Akindoju, Chef Fregz and a few more. They were all treated to the first two episodes of the show (the first of which is already out and you should have totally watched already!) plus a rare sneak peek into what’s in store for the rest of the season (Not to mention yummy popcorn, fresh cocktails, ribs, mini burgers and other tasty treats.

Shade Corner is barely a week old and seems to be gaining ground quickly, with lots of conversations going on about the cast, topics and the show in general under the hashtag #ShadeCorner. The first episode took us all on a hilarious, not so nostalgic trip to the time when Nollywood actors thought they’d try their hands at singing. And the second episode is looking even better as our shade throwers tackle people’s bad behavior on social media (Check it out on as well as on the Accelerate TV Youtube channel)

Be sure to catch it every Wednesday!

Check out the fun filled photos below:

Camile Shaiyen (King Cam)

Noble Ezeala

Rory Okoli (Tripzapp)

Denola Grey

Colette Otusheso

Tokyo James

Lawrence Adejumo


Tosin Olateru and Adedayo Adegbami

Jite Ovueraye and Colette Otusheso

Makida Moka, Sharon Ooja and Rory Okoli

Lolade Ovueraye and Lala Akindoju

Rory Okoli and Akah Nnani

Makida Moka

Adedayo and Patrick

Chef fregz and Colette

Diyola Kingsley-James

The Shady Bunch with a space for Adebayo Oke-Lawal

The Shady Bunch with Colette

The Shady Bunch and Jite

The Shady Bunch and Tamara Aihie

The Shady bunch and the Accelerate Team

Team Accelerate and Camile

The Shady Bunch take a bow

The Shady Bunch Dab

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