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#BBNaija: Day 52 – Housemates Munch on Frozen Chocolate, What’s Really going on Between TBoss, TTT & Bisola + More Highlights



Did you watch Day 52 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you!


Munching on frozen chocolate!

Marvis and Bisola successfully managed to disrupt last night’s recycling Task so Biggie kicked everyone out of the Arena and warned them that their Wager was at stake. That’s actually the good news because he’s the one who asked to cause chaos. The bad news is it was a secret Task and it would seem ThinTallTony figured out what they were doing which means the wager is in limbo.

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As such, today’s Task became a very important piece of the puzzle. Biggie made everyone gather in the Arena and explained that they’d have to wear socks on their hands before putting on a beenie and scarf. They then had to cut up a frozen slab of chocolate into individual blocks and eat it. So what was at stake? The winners could choose to get back any one of the sentimental possessions they gave up to Biggie either for themselves or for another.

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First to go head to head were TTT and Efe. They were neck and neck right until the end when TTT managed to pull ahead and win. That said, even if Efe had finished first he’d still have been disqualified because he used his hands to eat the chocolate.

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Next were Bisola and TBoss who came close to blows yesterday but seem to be back in good books. Unlike the first duo, they got white chocolate which seemed to be harder to hold down with both of them getting nauseous and struggling to hold it down. Bisola finished first but got disqualified for not cutting the slab of chocolate into individual bars.

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Bally beat Bassey but only by a few bars before Marvis beat Debie-Rise in the final clash. Staying true to the week’s theme of charity and kindness, all four winners, Bally, Marvis, TBoss and TTT decided to get back the sentimental items that belonged to one of their peers instead of their own. TTT got back Efe’s clothes and TBoss took back her BFF, Debie-Rise’ guitar. Bally got Bassey’s drum back and Marvis got back for Bisola an outfit that once belonged to her mum.

Do Honey and Pepper go well together?

If Bisola’s the pepper and ThinTallTony’s her honey, maybe TBoss just wanted to know if they go well together. Even Bally asked TBoss yesterday if the massive argument had resulted from an underlying issue, bubbling under the surface and left unresolved and they were all interested in finding out. Tony has made it no secret that he admires TBoss and has never made any promises to Bisola even though his friendship with her did take a romantic turn at some point. TBoss was not much of a participator during the kissing games but she had no problem kissing Tony when the opportunity availed itself and Bisola seemed to have no problem with cheering them on.

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Maybe TTT was both literally and figuratively in the middle of it all when the argument happened and on both counts, choosing to be silent with his intentions. Like Switzerland, ThinTallTony seems to have decided to remain neutral towards the matter. He gives TBoss massages by night and plays cards and touch games with Bisola by morning. To add salt to the matter, Bisola has been cuddle buddies with Bally and that seems to be her strategy to keep her distracted and not spending too much time with her “friend” Tony.

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So when Bisola sings “I feel you slipping away”, could she be trying to tell us she senses she may be losing TTT to Tboss and as much as TTT does seem to sweeten Bisola’s days and Bisola spices up his dull moments, do Honey and Pepper go well together?

Moments of truth in the Diary Room.

Biggie had a set of very interesting questions and offers for the Housemates today and first into the Diary Room was ThinTallTony. After telling Biggie that he was in an upbeat mood especially after the Tasks today Biggie asked him about friendships and alliances in the House. He admitted that some Housemates have formed close bonds with each other but he wasn’t aware of any alliances. When asked if he could pick a Housemate to conspire with who it would be, he picked Bisola, citing his closeness to her and the fact that they understood each other. He further told Biggie that being on the BBNaija show has improved him as a person and he is grateful for the opportunity to better himself. Biggie offered him N1m (one million Naira) to pull out of the show immediately and he said no, citing the fact that he wasn’t a quitter. Lastly, he added that he believed his friends and family would be proud of him.

34 tony diary 009 pre

Up next was Bassey into the Diary Room and he wasted no time in telling Biggie that he felt friendships and alliances were formed from day one. When asked who his ideal co-conspirator would be, he cited his close friendship as his reasons for choosing Debie-Rise. He said he would bring Ese back into the House to aid his chances of winning saying she was the opposite of him and her loudness would show his soft quiet side in very good light. He refused the offer of N1m from Biggie saying the platform the show provides has been an upgrade on many levels.

34 bassey diary 009 pre

Bisola said she was in a good mood and the Tasks have been a lot of fun. She quickly named the friendship bonds in the House are between Debie-Rise/Bassey; Bisola/TTT; Bisola/Marvis, and that her close friendship with Marvis would be one of the reasons why she would consider marvis as her co-conspirator. She turned down the N1m offer from Biggie and said she had no regrets being on the BBnaija show. She told Biggie she would love for her sister Adunola to come to the House as she is her backbone and source of strength. She also said she Feels her mom may scold her for her kissing daliances in the House but strongly believes her family and friends would be very proud of her.

34 biso diary 009 pre

Bally in his usual cool self told Biggie that he felt very good after both Tasks from earlier today because he triumphed in both Tasks, finally. He also told Biggie that a few Housemates have specific Housemates they have formed deeper bonds with, some more than others but he hasn’t noticed any alliances yet. When asked about a possible Housemate to conspire with, he cited his close friendship with Efe as his reason for choosing him. He also told Biggie that his best friend Vince would be his choice of an outsider to come enhance his chances of winning in the BBNaija house. He blatantly refused the offer of N1m from Biggie stating that he doesn’t believe in half stepping and didn’t consider himself a quitter and planned to be in the running until the finale. He told Biggie that he was proud of himself for making it onto the show and also believed his friends and family were also very proud of how far he’s made it on the BBNaija Show.

34 bally diary 004 pre

TBoss told Biggie that she wasn’t feeling too great earlier but excelling in both Tasks today has done wonders for her mood. She confessed to Biggie that she was a bit scared before the Tasks but she was extremely glad she won. She admitted to Biggie that most of the Housemates had paired themselves up into mini cliques and she felt she was the only one left out. She even told Biggie that her supposed friendship with debie-rise seemed one-sided as Debie-Rise was all over the place and wasn’t giving their friendship 100%. With all the wishy-washy antics of Debie-Rise though, she still said she would pick her as a possible conspirator should Biggie allow it. She said her sister Wendy would be the perfect choice of outsider to come into the House to help her chances of winning as Wendy was a pillar of support and strength. She gave a resounding NO to Biggie’s offer of N1m but was quick to add that she would do it all over again if the opportunity provided itself.

34 tit boss diary

Efe told Biggie it has been a great and interesting day even though he hurt himself twice during both Tasks trying to win. He even added that though he lost at both Tasks which hurt, he was happy he gave it 100% regardless. He told Biggie he felt the prevalent friendships and alliances among the Housemates was the real reason the last Nominations turned out the way they did; and in lieu of that he has decided to fly solo going forward. He told Biggie he didn’t feel he could trust any of the Housemates so he didn’t think he could conspire with anybody, but eventually picked Marvis as a possible conspirator. He refused the N1m offer from Biggie stating that he came into the competition to win N25m and a car and not N1m. He added that his friends and family always saw him as a go-getter so he was sure they would be proud of him.

34 e diary

Marvis said her mood was very great especially because she excelled in both Tasks from earlier today, a very proud moment for her. She also told Biggie that she felt the chocolate Task was more a punishment than fun, though she enjoyed it. She admitted to Biggie that she has been pretty much consistent in her choice of friends and has stayed with the same people so far, namely Bisooa, Efe and TTT. She said she would pick Bisola as a possible conspirator citing that Bisola loves to gossip but added quickly that they both shared a subliminal bond together. She told Biggie that her friend Mabel would be the ideal outsider she would love to bring into the House to aid her chances of winning. She told Biggie she considered herself as a positive person and felt her chances of winning were very high. She refused to take the N1m offer from Biggie stating that victory was a better incentive that the prize itself.

34 marfin diary

Debie-Rise told Biggie that even though she had lost in both of the Tasks from earlier, she was very grateful for getting her guitar back, and this singular act made losing not so bad. She confessed to biggie that she felt she was a bit guilty of the friendship cliques but in terms of alliances, she named Bisola/Marvis/TTT/Efe and Bally as the main culprits who have formed an alliance. She named Bassey and TBoss as her closest friends. She reluctantly chose TBoss as the Housemate she would conspire with. When asked which outsider she would love to bring to the House to aid her chances of winning, she named her friend Lundgren as he would push her to achieve her goals. She told Biggie that being a multi-talented person stands her in good stead to win BBNaija. She refused the N1m offer from Biggie stating that the BBNaija platform trumps any monetary stipend. Before she left the Diary Room, she told Biggie that she believed her friends and family are very proud of her.

34 debb diary.

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    Thanks for the recap BN, I miss the show a lot when at work, and when I get home I don’t even remember to watch it.

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