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Celebrating the ‘Can-Do’ Attitude of Nigerians! EbonyLife TV partners with Malta Guinness to Launch the Exciting New Drama Series – Life 101



Uzo Onwuchekwa ( Commercial Director, EbonyLife TV), Mo Abudu (Founder, EbonyLife TV), Heidi Uys (Head of Programmes, EbonyLife TV) & Rob Hobart (Marketing & Innovation Director, Guinness Nigeria)

Life 101, an exciting series that motivates and celebrates the “can-do” attitude that drives Nigerians, is the birth child of an amazing partnership between Malta Guinness and EbonyLife TV. The “can-do” attitude is one of the most well-noted attributes and characteristics that Nigerians possess.

The series which was launched on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 at the Film House Cinema Lekki, was an unveiling of bright new talents in Nollywood. Most of the members of the cast were new faces and this was refreshing to see. Life 101 promises to deliver a unique viewing experience as the drama series unfolds in the next 20 weeks showcasing the everyday challenges being faced by the average Nigerian youth and how they are able to relish and overcome each one with vigor and a positive attitude.

The Cast of Life 101 with Ifeoma Agu (Brand Manager Malta Guinness & Non- Alcoholic Drinks, Guinness Nigeria) & Heidi Uys (Head of Programming EbonyLife TV).

Speaking at the premiere, Guinness Nigeria Marketing & Innovations Director- Rob Hobart, said the Malta Guinness brand is very proud to be a supporter and partner of the progress being made in Nollywood and expressed that they foresee so much more. The Life 101 project kicked off with over 1000 participants in exciting auditions held across Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Calabar and Benin after which the final cast was selected from the pool of many talented young acts.

“We are proud of the cast and crew and of the result of all their hard work. We are also very proud of what Nollywood has achieved so far and we believe that there is so much more potential. With this collaboration between Malta Guinness and ELTV, we are playing a huge role in helping to nurture and build talents for the Nigerian movie and film scenery. This is just the beginning and we definitely look forward to doing much more.”

Uche Onwudiwe (Marketing Manager Guinness, Guinness Nigeria), Mo Abudu( CEO Ebony Life TV) and Otome Oyo (Marketing Manager, Malta Guinness and Non-Alcoholic Drinks)

Also in attendance were Ifeoma Agu, Brand Manager Malta Guinness and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Oyo Otome, Marketing Manager- Malta Guinness and Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebony Life TV, Head of Programming, Heidi Uys and many others. The series stars Emeka Nwagbaraocha, Benjamin Touitou, Patrick Fakoya, Paulette Iwenjiora, Flora Chiedo, Pearl Wats, Malachi Alozie, Tega Olose, Chiagoziem Nwakanm, Shadrach Iwebendu, Jeffery Achu, Efa Iwara, Kester Oshioreame, and Abimbola Ademoye.

The Life 101 Drama Series is one to look out for every week from Wednesday- March 8th, 2017 by 8.00 pm on ELTV. It promises to be filled with intrigue, suspense, comedy and Life lessons for all.

Ifeoma Agu (Brand Manager Malta Guinness & Non- Alcoholic Drinks, Guinness Nigeria), Oyo Otome (Marketing Manager Malta Guinness & Non-Alcoholic Drinks) & Rob Hobart (Marketing & Innovations Director Guinness Nigeria)

L-R; Michael Williams, Uzo Onwuchekwa, Otome Oyo, Mo Abudu, Rob Hobart and Eunice Omole & Jubril Kelani

Rob Hobart (Marketing & Innovations Director Guinness Nigeria), Mo Abudu (CEO, EbonyLife TV & Ebony Life Films) & Funmi Victor-Okigbo

Eunice Omole (Chief Strategy Officer), Patrick Fakoya, Mo Abudu (CEO, EbonyLife TV & Ebony Life Films), Patrick Fakoya’s brother and mum.

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  1. MurderSheWrote

    March 11, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Good afternoon BN have you forgotten to announce the UlinPace business registration winners?

  2. Tosin

    March 11, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Very photogenic cast.

  3. Nne Umu Boys!

    March 11, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Can’t wait to watch!

  4. WarnDem, person called IGBO

    March 11, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Nigeria – the ‘Africa’ that works.

    In east africa, amongst the tutsi, kenyans, and north tanzanians, also exist a high capacity, high calliber, functioning human being. Who is also reputed to always want the best things in life and have no shynes or hesitation for their pissesion.

    This seems to be the trend when you combine the bloodline of the red cushtic and the black Bantus. A more energetic ‘man’ is formed!

    Nigerians seems like ordinary black people upon a light inspection but upon a closer inspection it is clear, they are well mixed saturation of ethnicities. Visibly North African Arabic (Yellow Yorobani) visibly eastern african cushtic, (Hausa) and predominantly Cameroonian bantu ehtnicity (Igbo) You can even hear the diversity in the rhythm of their music.

    So my point being, Could ethnic interbreeding – be key to High energy and productivity! Thereby making the case that Nigeria, is the most well intergrated of all African countries.

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