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Chika Uwazie’s TalentBase: Why Your Business Needs An Automated Leave Management System



Manually processing employees’ leaves requires a lot of time and labour; and just like any manual process, it is prone to human error.

The cost of leave and absence contributes to nearly 35% of an organization’s payroll. That is a lot, isn’t it? Despite this, most Nigerian businesses don’t seem to track or even manage employee absence or leave. Why? Well, most times it is because they haven’t found an effective paperless solution that can help them get the job done.

Most HR Software today have an Automated Leave Management feature that enables businesses manage their employees’ leaves with ease.

So here are some benefits of an Automated Leave Management System:

Track Leaves and Absences
Automation makes tracking employees’ leaves and absences easy, fast and accurate. This, in turn, reduces administrative burden by significantly reducing the amount of paperwork needed to process leaves.

Easy Access and Security
The automated leave management system stores all the employees’ leave information digitally in a central location – which protects the data from theft and accidents. This feature also allows both the employee and employer to easily access their information whenever  and wherever they need to.

It is important for employees to adhere to their company’s leave policy, so as to ensure transparency and seamless business growth. An automated leave management system helps to clearly define these leave policies and procedures for the employees to follow which in turn ensures discipline in the workplace.

Employers/managers should understand the importance of tracking leaves and absences, regardless of the size of the company. The automated leave management system works together with the automated time & attendance system and payroll tool to generate accurate information for each employee.

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