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Ayo Al: Common Social Media Marketing Errors For Business Owners Part II



The benefits of social media to business owners can never be underestimated. It is and probably will always be one of the greatest tools in advancing sales. However, some business owners still get it wrong. I started on some of the mistakes these entrepreneurs make, and if you missed out on the previous post, you can read it here

So in continuation of common errors business owners make on social media, read on.

Error #6: Not using hashtags that benefits your target customers
Something I really came to learn after starting my business online is that hashtags really work. Learning how to use the right hashtags could be very beneficial to your business.

While it’s really important to have other businesses supporting you, which would help you make some great connections and potential business contacts, you also need to be concerned about your efforts bringing in sales and more potential customers.
Your customer is likely not searching for #pepperdemgang (one of the most favourite hashtags of many), but they may be searching for #ladiesfeet. To really connect, you can think back to your ideal customer base. If you sell hand bags, #authenticleatherbags or #ladiesfashion are more likely hashtags your customers would be familiar with and potentially searching for than #obinna’sfashionhub, because that focuses more on you and your business name and less on them and their interests.

Error #7: Posting pictures of a particular product several times
Yes, this too can be a turn off. Imagine if you visit the page or timeline of a person you intend buying from and then scrolling through their pictures, you see that the person has just five products, but a hundred and twenty pictures of these products. There is just something about it that oozes unseriousness. Give your customers variety. Give them an opportunity to choose from a variety of products. That way, they don’t feel coerced into buying a particular product.

Error #8: Not adding a link to your website when making an advert
If you are into business, you are expected to be shrewd. When making adverts on blogs or other social media channels, it is very important that you add a link to your website so that potential customers can visit and make purchases.

Error #9: Not giving back to your customers.
I understand that as a business owner, your main aim is to make profit, but once in a while, give back to your customers. Do a giveaway! Announce a 20% discount week, do free deliveries for people who stay in your environs for a number of days. This shows your clients that you are not only business and success driven but you care about your customers. Also, it will lead more people to your page and they could become potential customers.

Error #10: Displaying goods you do not have
Some business owners have lost credibility because their response to every inquiry made by a customer is always: “Out of stock. Oh, we are sold out!” Yes, it is perfectly good to sell out your wares and have to restock but the moment that is always your response, it shows something is fishy. It tells a customer that it is either you aren’t serious, the business isn’t yours or you are a fraud. Therefore, it is advisable to display pictures of goods you have at the moment, or goods you can easily lay your hands on. Once a customer keeps getting the “out of stock” message, nine times out of ten, they do not revisit your page.

Error #11: Thinking the number of followers matter
I have heard business owners boast of having over two thousand followers on their business pages. It is always a thing of joy and pride to them until they are asked: “I guess you must be making tons of money then”, and then they keep quiet. As a business owner, never get carried away by the numbers of followers you have. What you should be particular about are your sales. Are these followers bringing money? If not, think again.

There might be another part to this article but for now, this is it. Keep going, persevere and soon, your dreams will come true!

Photo Credit: Prudencio Alvarez | Dreamstime

An avid reader and writer, Ayo Al hopes particularly to refract the ills in the society through her writings. A professional blogger, she is available for content writing, freelance writing and book reviews. She is also a business woman, fashion enthusiast and a dealer of watches. She can be reached via mail- [email protected] Check out her instagram: @thatsaucywriter


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