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Joys of Motherhood! See the Cute Photos of BN Living & Spotlight’s Photoshoot Giveaway Winners



Hey, BellaNaijarians!

Remember the photo shoot giveaway BN Living did in collaboration with Spotlight Photos & Imagery? Well, the photos are out and we’re so in love with them!

In case you missed it, we put up the original giveaway post, here and later announced the winners, here. Now, you get to see the winners and all their amazing photos by Emmanuel Arewa of Spotlight Photos & Imagery.

See the Amazing Photos below and read what they have to say;

Omotayo @missieytea

My name is Omotayo, I’m a dentist by profession, I’m also a mom to my adorable 3 month old baby boy.

I love singing, dancing, cooking, organizing and entertaining people, in addition I also love God and my darling husband, no doubt about that.

The Motherhood experience for me is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had the most amazing 3 months and 2 weeks of my life. Having to watch my baby grow everyday and that I have someone who will call me ” mother ” very soon has given me nothing but pure joy. It is an experience that cannot be traded for anything and I’m grateful that God gave me such a wonderful opportunity. This, I do not take for granted.

It’s like BellaNaija could see through my heart when they came up with this wonderful idea which I’m glad I was a part of. I just got back about 2 weeks before I saw the post on Instagram and before then, I had really longed for a photo shoot with my little one but I had other important matters to settle.

So when I saw the post, I decided to give it a try and on the day I received a mail that I was picked, I literally screamed where I was because I just couldn’t believe it, it was like a dream come true.
I will always be grateful for the opportunity. I met wonderful people during the photoshoot; Mary, Cassconcept, Emmanuel, they all were nice and provided me with everything I needed. Thank you once again BellaNaija and Spotlightpi. God bless you.

Davina @goodgirlink

I was so excited to discover that I won the photo-shoot challenge. I just put in for it and was not even serious about it. I remember running and screaming “I won I won” when I saw my name. I am just so happy to be here.

Damilola @habeybah

My name is Damilola , a 500 level student of University of Lagos studying Estate Management) and I am 26 years old.

Motherhood is bliss and of course it has changed me from being a lady to a proud Mum! Like i said earlier, it takes a lot of sacrifice to nurse a baby while still in school… But there comes something called GRACE; and I bless God!

The love between a mother and her child is non comparable to any other in the world, its amazing how someone elses happiness comes before yours! My child has made me a better person, more inspired as his happiness is what matters most!

I really want to appreciate BellaNaija for this wonderful opportunity, as my son and I are picture lovers! Lool… And yes they came through! The photo shoot was absolutely superb, it takes a lot of patience to capture kids as they are easily distracted, the photographer, makeup artist, fashion designer and other members of the crew were amazing! Thank you so much, God bless you all… More grease to your elbow!

Jemimah @jemmy_gem

My name Is Jemimah. I am a certified Public Relation Practitioner, Content Developer, and a part-time Interior designer. Currently I work in an IT Firm in Lagos and I manage a bargain store on Instagram @stylebargainsnaija. I am a bit of a lone ranger, but when I choose to party or mingle, I actually party hard!

I am a passionate lover of Jehovah God and I enjoy telling people about him. I also enjoy public speaking and teaching.

Being a wife and a mum to a beautiful one year old gives me so much joy. When I look back and I see all I have been through, where I am now and my set goals and aspirations, I am just ecstatic. Being a mum to Zee is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I actually feel it is one of the major reasons I am alive. Getting pregnant with MY LOVE BUG wasn’t a very easy thing to achieve for me and my husband – if you know what I mean. Being pregnant was a sweet November surprise packaged and delivered at about 4am one beautiful Tuesday. No words can describe how I felt that morning, but let me manage the word SURREAL. It was a surreal moment! It was an easy pregnancy after the 2nd month but the biggest surprise was brewing! I fell into labor in June 2016 and at work. I was only 7 months pregnant and I was very scared for Zee! But my Zee of many surprises was born strong, and healthy. Pheww…

Getting pregnant was so joyous for me, but being a mum scared me a lot. I wasn’t ready mentally and I was scared about how I would fare in this new journey. I wasn’t sure on how I was going to manage a full time career, a side business and a new baby. But here we are, 1 year after, coping, and actually enjoying being a mum! Yes, there were crazy days, sleepless nights, money “wahala”sometimes, bad hair day most times, bus chasing, fatigue, and other challenges but we found a way through it all. I know a lot of mothers have achieved this feat a million times over. But in truth, I FEEL LIKE A CHAMP!! We keep learning on the job, but I am proud to be a mother!

I am very grateful to BellaNaija and Spotlight for a beautiful photo shoot experience. It was amazing and enjoyable. Anyone who knows me well also knows that I love to reward myself every single time I either achieve something or overcome a challenge. When I got pregnant I rewarded myself with a lovely dress that was a little out of my reach (money wise) as at that time. I actually take this reward thing seriously. So when I was chosen as one of the winners of the free photo shoot I was really excited as this was a way of rewarding myself for scaling through my first year as a mum! In all, it was a satisfying experience!

Photography: Emmanuel Arewa | @spotlightpi
Fashion Stylist: Maryanne Alabi | @mayreejay
Makeup Artist: Kazeem Aremu | @casskoncept
Hairstylist: Royce Samuel | @ceezysstyling
Assistants: Opara Precious | @prepre423, Majid | @maj_delz
Video Director: Emmanuel Oluchi | @directortyla
Custom Dresses: Isi Atagamen | @isiatagamen


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