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Joke Silva speaks on Domestic Violence, her Career & Marriage in New Interview



Veteran actress Joke Silva in a new interview with The Daily Times Saturday shares her journey in filmmaking, the secret behind her successful marriage, her thoughts on marriage break-ups, domestic violence, loving moments with her husband Olu Jacobs and more.

Read excerpts below:

On a circumstance that made her detour off her acting career: After getting married and having 2 children, work had dried up. I got married in 1985 and my second child was born in 1998. There was very little work and I was bored. So I went back to the university. I did my drama with the drama school then went to the University of Lagos to study English.

It was while I was at the university that I now did some more work under Fani Kayode, mind-bending but there was one-time work dried up and I found myself teaching so many students in private schools. I taught in Abbey schools, I taught in Green Woodhouse, I taught in Atlantic Hall and a lot of my students are now in the industry. So many of them.

On what she is most grateful for career-wise: Being able to re-invent myself in ways that make sense. I am very grateful that at every point of my career, re-invention has made sense for that particular time it occurred. This has also ensured that I remain relevant.

On her husband Olu Jacobs nickname: Ahh yes! His pet name is Omo boy and he feels excited and fulfilled whenever I call him that.

On women speaking up now against domestic violence: I’m very happy more women are coming out to talk about it. It is important. Once the violence starts, give yourself space! I think it is the most spirit destroying action one can put on their lover. And it doesn’t only happen to women. It happens to men as well. I think it is sad that any relationship gets to that point where you need to break the spirit.

Read the full interview here.


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