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Serial Entrepreneur Toyin Lawani launches Tiannah Glow Products in Abuja with GlamdAfrica



Glamd Africa Beauty HouseAbuja was at a standstill on  Saturday, September 9th, not only because of the much awaited opening of the glamour hub; Glamd Africa Beauty House, owned by the daughter of the Vice President of Nigeria, Kiki Osibanjo but also because it received one of Nigeria’s most stylish “Serial Entrepreneur” Toyin Lawani.

Glamd Africa Beauty House
Her team had a mission, in fact, where Toyin Lawani is concerned one mission can become uncountable. But this time, the mission was simple, attend the launch of the said beauty house, meet and greet her Abuja fans at the “Tiannah Styling” stall and also make a quick stop at the “Kaffy Fashion Academy” as well as conclude the images required for the “Transformer Collection”.

Glamd Africa Beauty House
The first day of the three day trip started with the launch of the “Tiannah’s Glow products, Elegante by Tiannah Styling fashion brand and Tiannah’s unique braid wig caps” to the elite Abuja clientele at the Glamd Africa Beauty House.  Choosing to go “Northern” (Fulani) in her ensemble was a deliberate show of how diverse both her fashion and style can be. The event which was also attended by the crème de la crème in Nigeria as well as the Vice President and his wife in a show of support for their daughter.

Glamd Africa Beauty House
Day two was very much an expression of creativity in the entire trip, a planned photo-shoot with Spanish Model, Kiran.  Toyin Lawani’s vision of using her for the images of the pieces in the “Transformer Collection” for Elegante by Tiannah’s Stylings had to be brought to life in the picturesque Abuja.

The third and final day of the trip was equally packed, dressed in a white power suit, she was ready for a full morning of meet and greet sessions with Abuja fans after which the team convoyed to the Kaffy Fashion Academy. It was there that Toyin Lawani held an intimate empowerment session with 60 graduates of the Academy. The graduates were elated at meeting and receiving their certificates from one of Nigeria’s finest designers who could easily be said to have dressed 80 percent of Nigeria’s Superstars.

In a one on one interview with a representative of World PR Media, the following facts were revealed.

World PR Media: Can you tell your target audience what this collaboration signifies?

ATM: This launch has officially set the ball rolling for the next phase of my businesses which is to ensure that it can be reached by any of our clients anywhere in the world in the very near future” says Toyin Lawani, the business and fashion mogul, Miss Toyin Lawani of Tiannah’s Place Empire who now has a reality TV show on Ebony Life TV called – Tiannah’s Empire.

For some who may not know why she is referred to as the “serial entrepreneur”, she is responsible for an establishment that runs 30 different businesses under one roof with divisions for fashion, beauty, wellness, entertainment, and lifestyle and currently has employed over 35 members of staff.

World PR Media: What is the future of the Nigerian fashion industry from your perspective?

Glamd Africa Beauty HouseATM: The future for Nigerian designers look very bright but we need to stand together with the way our creations are being imitated. Imitations, piracy etc. are problems that are affecting the creative industry in Nigeria and the government needs to help us work with key stakeholders to develop policies that will begin to aid the industry. As the youth ambassador for FADAN and also the face/judge of the Nigeria’s Next Top Designer project, part of my role involves advising young designers to be unique in the creativity whilst assisting them to launch their careers.

Glamd Africa Beauty HouseWPR: What is your brand doing to promote your charity projects?

ATM: As part of assisting people with speaking and hearing impediments, we will be rolling out some empowerment classes called ”There is ability in disability” for the NGO where I will train them, alongside my team, how to sew, make hair and beading skills.

On that note, we ended the short interview to enjoy the rest of the launch activities.

Glamd Africa Beauty House

Glamd Africa Beauty House Glamd Africa Beauty HouseGlamd Africa Beauty House Glamd Africa Beauty House Glamd Africa Beauty House

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  1. Liz

    September 20, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Though this is a sponsored post, typos & other mistakes cast a shadow on this website.
    “Serial Entrepreneur Toyin Lawani launch Tiannah Glow Products in Abuja with GlamdAfrica”: launch or launches?
    “glamour hub; Glamd Africa Beauty House”: colon or semicolon?
    “one of Nigeria’s most stylish Serial Entrepreneur”: entrepreneur or entrepreneurs?
    Let me just stop at the first paragraph.

  2. Daisy

    September 20, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Who wrote this article or sponsored whatever? Is it by force to be important? And the errors, smh.

  3. Freda

    September 21, 2017 at 12:49 am

    Loving her Ankara so much,it’s so lush,Tiannah can’t do no wrong in my eyes ,I’m sure she didn’t write the article herself,she’s a Hardworking woman and a role model to follow,watching her Reality show on dstv opened my eyes to a lot of things the media dont say about her,keep it up girl,you have people Rooting for you.

  4. Yum Mum

    September 21, 2017 at 12:29 pm

    Wow kudos that’s really one hard working and beautiful woman! #letssupportoneanother ❤️

  5. Stevie

    October 3, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Tayo, take it easy with this I must be PR sometin….

    And aunty Tiannah, this is major tackiness. jack of all trade..master of non

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