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Tips for hiring a Professional Painter in Nigeria




Everyone needs a wall surgery every now and then. Identifying a worn out wall is one of the easiest tasks in the world. If your old coat is chipping out. It is time! If your interior is not a reflection of who you are, you may need a wall surgery too.

Depending on the level of change you want in your home or the level of expertise required, you can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional painter.

Hiring a painter in Nigeria is pretty easy. The most common process is by word of mouth. Check your circle, you definitely know someone who knows a painter. Also, Plascon store in Victoria Island has a database of Paint Applicators that have received training on the Plascon product range. Ask them to show you a portfolio of their work first.

Wanna do it yourself? Check out this step by step guide to DIY painting here. But if you’d rather save time and get the best quality, here is a step by step guide to hiring a professional.

  1. Detail what you want: Before you contract painting to a professional, be sure you know what you want. Choose the color, pattern and/or theme you want. Highlight your expectations, budget, areas you want to paint etc.
  2. View portfolios: Search for professional painters both online and offline. The best way to search offline is by word of mouth. Get recommendations from friends and family. You can also search on social platforms like LinkedIn, Vconnect, Facebook etc. View  portfolios and choose the best portfolios that fit into your wants and budget.
  3. Request for an estimate: Reach out to the top three painters and request for an estimate from the professionals. Ensure their estimates include direct and indirect costs. Select the painter with the most suitable estimate.
  4. Interview the painter: Interview the painter. Communication is key. Ensure you discuss every detail with the painter. Be clear on details. Show him/her the colour(s) you want, the theme you would love to achieve. If there are holes, cracks or dents to fill, tell the painter. Conclude on the type and quality of paint to be used. If you don’t know the brand you want, ask for his/her recommendations. Ask the whys. Don’t forget to schedule a date and time.
  5. Award the contract: After proper screening, award the contract. Ensure the painter understands your design and colour of choice.
  6. Prepare for the day: To avoid spillage, move your belongings.. For items you can’t move cover with a drop cloth.
  7. After the job: when the job is completed, inspect. If you have worries share them with the painter. And don’t forget to say thank you.

Ta da!!! Your wall is brand new!


For a free colour consultation and all your painting needs, visit Kansai Plascon Nigeria at No 8a, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos or any of our other outlets. Phone: 01 440 8036

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